Why keyword research is important for YouTube?

why keyword reserch is important youtube _


YouTube helps in promoting our products services and therefore the extra benefit is that it also helps us in earning money and, for gaining customers’ trust you ought to have a YouTube channel, but the purpose is why we’d like QR tools for creating YouTube videos.

It is difficult to make a video because creating a video takes tons of your time and tons of diligence but there are benefits of sharing videos on YouTube.

And if you’re not diligence it doesn’t offer you any good result and your motivation goes down so you have to settle on the proper keyword for your video right keyword means you’ve got more chances of ranking your video on YouTube search and help the viewers with their problem also and if you’re solving someone problem meaning you’ve got more chances of rankings or more video views so you ought to choose the proper keywords for your video and there are many benefits written down below.

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Benefits of keyword tools

  1. Engaged audience: – you’re choosing the keywords of interest and interest of your audience means you’ll get a relevant audience who will watch the video.
  2. More conversations: – It’ll offer you more conversations (people will buy your product or service) if you’re choosing the relevant keywords for your video.
  3.  Target the right audience: – If you’re doing keyword research it means you’ll easily target your audience or right audience and targeting your right audience is one of the important things during this process. If you can’t target the proper audience, you’ll not get more conversations, more views, right engagement than making your video is a complete waste of your time.
  4.  Gives you direction: – Venue your recognized keyword, search for a keyword will take you to the right video where you ought to go, where you’ll choose, what your audience is, what you’ll write in your content otherwise you get more and more topics to associated with your content which provides you more ideas and more ways to assist people together with your content.
  5. Assist you in SEO: – choosing relevant keywords and doing research on keywords assist you in SEO. Google ranks the relevant results.

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So, there are so many benefits you’ll get to understand once you begin doing keywords research for your YouTube videos for NOW let’s know some tool which can assist you within the journey of YouTube keywords research.

YouTube keyword tools are:-

  1. Keyword tool

The keyword tool is one of the simplest tools for YouTube keyword research it generates quite 700 Keyword ideas for your search queries and provides you the simplest results. And to urge more relevant results you’ll search your keywords by your location and your language.

It’s a semi-paid tool you’ll get some ideas from its free version. Check it once

2. Keyword tool dominator.

Keyword tool dominator maybe a YouTube tag generator and keyword generator for YouTube keyword research.It helps you discover the foremost searched keywords on YouTube and quickly sort by keyword rank and Top 10 keywords.

It’s a free keyword research tool and you’ll easily process your keyword research for an additional search engine also. it is a one-stop solution for Keyword research.

3. Keyword keg

Keyword keg is an excellent tool they show you the foremost searched keywords with the numbers of searches per month consistent with the YouTube API. You’ll use this data to optimize your title, descriptions and this also helps you in searching your YouTube tags for your videos.

It collects data from 11 Top APIs, additionally to YouTube. This means you get the utmost number of keywords possible.It may be a paid YouTube keyword research tool, and it’s its own benefits. It’s from Axeman Tech, the manufacturers of the favored Keyword Everywhere browser. It’s suitable for everybody from freelancers to an SEO agency.

Mostly keyword keg is employed for locating the foremost effective long-tail keywords.

4. YouTube competitors’ analysis

In today’s time we don’t use YouTube competitor’s analysis we only use YouTube analytics for the YouTube channel metrics but there’s something more we will do with it. A bit like another platform tracking competitors on YouTube is additionally important too.

And if you’ve got your YouTube channel then it’s necessary for you to understand what YouTube competitor’s analysis is and the way it can assist you in growing your YouTube channel. Once you get to understand about YouTube competitor’s analysis, you’ll know the truth value of YouTube strategy

Steps for YouTube competitors analysis

I) Identify Your YouTube Competitors

The first step is to understand who your real competitor is. Find the similarities between your products and services it’ll assist you in knowing your competitors, once you recognize all of your competitors make an inventory of your competitors and check out what percentage of them are actively sharing content on YouTube.

ii) Analyze the video content of your YouTube competitors

The second steps are to analyze what sort of content your competitor is sharing. Search for the content giving them the foremost engagement, check what they’re doing to interact people with them. This may assist you to know what you ought to share on your channel it’ll offer you thought what is going to offer you to get more engagement and where you’ll be wasting some time.

Compare your content with other competitors and you’ll know where you ought to improve.

iii) Track your YouTube competitors’ metrics

Always check your competitor’s metrics like the number of subscribers, likes, dislikes, comments, which will assist you in making your YouTube video strategy more powerful. Hope you understanding the worth of YouTube competitor’s analysis

iv) Analyzing YouTube competitors’ activities

Knowing your competitor’s frequency of uploading new videos will assist you to decide yours.

This will assist you to know what proportion of time you ought to give to your YouTube channel

Also, you’ll check how they interact with the audience, did they answer their comments or not? How they handle abusive comments or say negative comments? Did they encourage the audience or not? There are numerous belongings you can notice.

v) Make a note of what your YouTube competitors aren’t doing

The last and most vital step is to understand what your competitors aren’t doing, and what you ought to do. One should provide more value to your audience that way you simply you’ll rank at the highest when someone searches about your niche, so knowing what your competitors aren’t doing is vital and you ought to also know what your competitors do wrong? what mistakes they have done, and you ought not to do. If you’ve got an inventory of doing or don’t which will be more helpful for your YouTube strategies.

5. Competitor Keyword analysis

We identify the Keywords that our competitors ranking for so we can also work on them it will surely help us in ranking too.

you should read these points before you choose competitor analysis.

  1. The keywords should be valuable means high volume, associated with your business.
  2. The keywords should be ones you’ll rank for.
  3. you ought to Compare two or more competitors often gives you a richer analysis.
6.VidIQ Keyword Tool

VidIQ is an extension type tool means once you search a keyword on YouTube, VidIQ’s will show you tons of results regarding that keywords only. This includes the typical views thereon keyword, Average Subscribers, and share the competitive keyword.

You’ll use this tool to seek out the right keyword for your videos otherwise you can search for the keywords that aren’t good for you.

VidIQ’s maybe a semi-paid tool you’ll use its free version for a few good ideas except for detailed information you want to buy the paid version.


It is an alternate of google keyword planner with some extra benefits but it’s a semi-paid tool means you’ll get several keywords ideas from this tool for more detailed information you’ll use the paid version.


Hyper suggest is that the only keyword tool that gives hundreds and thousands of Keyword ideas from nine different search networks like Google, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, etc. You can find the simplest Keyword ideas for your YouTube channels, blogs, websites, etc. And if mention YouTube you’ll have tons of Keyword ideas for your queries.  Hypersuggest is a straightforward tool to use, you’ll easily export your keyword ideas in one click which can be time-saving for you and you do not need to put more effort.

And if you would like to beat your competitors you ought to use this tool for more keyword ideas.

9. Kparser

Kparser helps us find longtail Keywords for our main Keywords from platforms like Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and eBay. This keyword suggestions tool is developed by Boosta for the aim of SEO and PPC campaigns. Kparser will provide the precise keywords that folks search on search engines like Google Bing and others.

You can get suggestions consistent with your location, language, and different sources like YouTube, bind, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, Fiverr, Google, etc.

  1. SEO chat

SEO chat keyword suggests the tool is honestly easy to use. Search your required keyword phrase, and our tool will create a list of popular search terms consistent with the Bing, YouTube, eBay, Datamuse, Amazon, and Google “Suggest” databases respectively. It can assist you to find new keywords to implement in your content. This may assist you rank for more relevant terms which can convert, furthermore adding different variations to your content will improve its overall quality.

  1. Google trends

Google trend is one of the simplest platforms for keyword research, google trends share the highest keywords search during a particular area in a given time

You can easily get insights into what products or services are trending or in-demand anywhere in the world. Also, to form its use it better you’ll sort the info by category, type, region, and time. More you imply more you’ll get to know the advantages of Google trends and if you are a Digital marketer you ought to start using it now.

Google trends also assist you to find the search volume of a keyword and therefore the how hard to rank thereon keyword once you begin using this tool, you’ll skills much you were missing.

12. YouTube autocomplete

YouTube autocomplete may be a good way to try your keyword research.

So, whenever we look for something, we always get some suggestions from YouTube itself these are the newest terms searched by people so we will take thought for our keyword research from YouTube auto-suggest itself. If you search for it closely, you’ll get to understand more about it and needless to say which will help your keyword research.

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