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Now Get Placed in Just 2 Months With the help of our 3 Levels of Teaching Methodology (Basics to Practical to Strategic)Transform  your Digital Journey With DSA Special Programs

26 Feb , 2024
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Our clients matter to us the most, and we are glad they trust us. Instantly give a boost to your professional journey with these leading organizations! We are curating a list of the most extraordinary appointing partners who are ready to lead the way in a world of amazing possibilities!

Why To Join Ai Powered Strategic Digital Marketing Advertising & Branding Course ?

DSA’s refined Smart Live Masters in Digital Marketing course will turn you into a complete Digital marketing expert. You will master numerous aspects of Digital Marketing that includes SEO, Social Media marketing, YouTube Marketing, Digital Marketing strategies, Backlink activities, Display ads, Google Algorithms and much more. We provide the Best Masters in Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad.

Our AI-powered strategic Digital Marketing Advertising and Branding course is well-designed and delivers the knowledge and skills required to thrive in this lively landscape. Join us today and be an entrepreneur in the AI-powered marketing riot!

Scope and Career Options

Scope After DSA’s Digital Marketing

  • Finds the way to the digital landscape with a data-driven and strategic approach.
  • Work on a reputed designation
  • Highly demanding career
  • Work across numerous industries and roles
  • Ample opportunities available for employment growth
  • Remote work options out there
  • Worldwide recognization
  • Network opportunities available
  • Handsome salary packages
  • High earning chance
  • Open your own digital marketing agency

Career After DSA’s Digital Marketing

  • Brand Strategist
  • Artificial Marketing Expert
  • Digital Advertising Strategist
  • Marketing/Data Analyst
  • Content Personalisation Professional
  • Social Media Manager
  • AI Marketing Consultant
  • E-commerce Marketing Manager
  • Website Marketing

DSA’s Digital Marketing Course Is A Game Changer!


Stay Up-To-Date

In this digital world, we are ready to keep you informed even though things change as time passes. Our mentors introduce you to the latest, advanced tools so you can become an expert in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing.

Get Hands On Learning

Say goodbye to boring lectures- our courses support activity-based learning. We put you into situations, activities, and real-life instances. Get ready to become a pro using artificial technology in the actual marketing era. Hey, don’t forget to collect your certificate, which will build your professional personality.

Learn From Digital Marketing Experts

Don’t hesitate to connect with us, as many marketing experts are here to help you. Our marketing professionals will share their experiences, tricks, as well as personal assistance to handle the most difficult parts of AI in marketing.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Are you ready to learn tips about building an online brand? At DSA we share with you some secrets related to polishing your brand, turning customers into lifelong supporters, etc.

Advertise Like a Trained Expert

Learn how to create eye-catching ads. You’ll be taught how to utilize AI to grab the attention of the right client, create ads that everyone will appreciate, and spend your every penny wisely.

Connect With Other Marketing Enthusiasts

Find your future business partner or mentor during your learning journey at DSA. This will truly make your marketing journey unforgettable.

Basic Requirements for DSA’s Course

  • A willingness and curious mind to learn about the digital marketing setting.
  • No previous experience in AI or digital marketing is required. Start from the ground level, that’s it!
  • Device –like PC or mobile knowledge to navigate through the course materials (in both online and offline mode).
  • Open mindset to new AI-powered marketing tools and strategies.
  • Motivation to engage in practical device recording.
  • A stable internet connection is required.
  • No need for advanced technological devices – an everyday device such as a mobile phone will be enough.
  • Should have motivation and a positive attitude to boost your marketing skills for the modern world.

5 Reasons To Join Digital Sandip Academy

Presently Digital Marketing is a booming career option and with increasing demand for skilled Digital Marketers, many opt for Digital Marketing as a career. Nowadays, many professional roles demand Digital Marketing skills.
We offer the best Masters in Digital Marketing course in Ahmedabad. Our course is designed in such a way that it will not only improve your knowledge but will also enhance your skills. Realize your dream of making a career in the digital marketing realm by enrolling in our program.

The sought-after digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad, DSA, provides you with first-class digital marketing encounters. Start-ups, small businesses, and freelancers have a golden chance to grow their brands to increase their earning possibilities.


Well-Designed Curriculum

Learning digital marketing has become interesting and fun, with our easy-to-understand modules, each topic taking you deeper into the ocean of digital marketing.

Relevant Skills

Get the essential skills as well as the best courses from our experts that will give you a fresh start to your career.

100% of Job Placement

On successful completion of the course, students or learners get assured placement assistance as per their skills and expertise – thanks to our strong placement unit.

12+ Years of Expertise & Knowledge

Possesses a strong command over digital marketing aspects, the CEO and experts of DSA are always at the forefront to prepare the students with the required expertise.

Success Rate

With over 8000 students till date placed in their field of expertise and provided with their dream job opportunities, our success rate in placing students is a testament to itself.

Our Program

We are a one of a kind institute that solely specialises in imparting digital marketing training, taught by expert digital marketers. We have designed multiple flexible programmes to match any learners objectives. Choose from the following:

Offline Ai Powered Strategic Digital Marketing Advertising & Branding Course

Course Fee ₹ 44,999

Online Ai Powered Strategic Digital Marketing Advertising & Branding Course

Course Fee ₹ 34,999


Best in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects. The field of digital marketing has witnessed speedy growth in a short span of period. Due to this, it has become one of the best career options where you may establish your career. Learning how to use digital marketing properly can help increase your brand engagement and visibility even faster. To say this means, digital marketing helps one’s brand to achieve its goal and stand out in this competitive world. This is why it is crucial to obtain the leading digital marketing course. Every aspect related to digital marketing will be taught through DSA’s program.

You will have easy access to premium tools for practice. We aim to turn you into a digital marketer pro by introducing you to the primary ideas in digital marketing and developing more sophisticated methods. We will cover every aspect of digital marketing in our courses, such as email marketing, online reputation management, SEO practices, and much more.

Learn the best-in-class content delivered by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases, and projects!

DSA Certification

A profound value addition to your portfolio

At DSA, we not only provide a well-designed curriculum but also provide certifications. We offer 15 external Internet marketing certifications. Our trusted certifications increase your chances of getting a job and build your authenticity.

Online and Offline AI-powered Strategic
Digital Marketing Advertising & Branding Course

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing tools
  • Mock interviews provided by industry leaders
  • Guest lectures offered by the industry’s renowned experts
  • Consulting Programs for the freelancer
  • Availability of recorded live sessions
  • Certificates and authorizations from leading partners
  • Placement opportunities
  • Ease of live lectures
  • Live Client Pitching Training
  • Accessibility to all content for 24*7
  • Personalize feedback facility
  • Easy access to faculty for resolving doubts

Who is the right candidate?

  • Wannabe digital marketing experts willing to connect with the power of Artificial intelligence using their strategies.
  • Beginners taking steps toward the digital world, looking for an exclusive and updated guide.
  • Business owners eagerly modernize their business’s online availability and drive outcomes.
  • Entrepreneurs aiming to strengthen Artifical intelligence technology for maximum sales and custom engagement.
  • Experts in the marketing sector want to stay ahead with modern AI-driven techniques and tools.
  • Bloggers and content creators wishing to optimize their content with the help of AI insights.
  • Job seekers and students wishing to bolster their resume with cutting-edge digital marketing knowledge & skills.
  • One has a passion for knowing the future of digital marketing and the importance of AI in it.

Why only Digital Sandip Academy for Ai Powered Strategic
Digital Marketing Advertising & Branding Course


Ahmedabad’s sought-after Digital Marketing Institute


Available in two learning modes: Online and Offline


Practical Approach: Classroom training with real-world industry-based projects


Assurance of Job Placement


Obtain 360-degree knowledge of Digital Marketing Advertising and Branding


Personal attention to each and every enrolled candidate


Presentations & Soft Skill development


Understanding of Business Development

DSA - Taiyari Job Ki

Our courses have been receiving a lot of appreciation and support. Till date, DSA has taught more than 50,000+ students and did 1000+ placements.
Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad

DSA Job Mela Program

Our placement cell is divided into Head office and Zonal teams to ensure we are able to find an offer region wise job and internship opportunities for candidates. We have a team of enthusiastic members, responsible for interfacing with organization and assisting thousands of students in securing the best placements.

DSA runs a valuable feedback mechanism and placement process aided by efficient communication channels. A variety of internship and employment opportunities, a proven track record, and the responsibility of continuous skill development are key parts of this process.



In-house feature to apply for jobs and start a career with your first Digital Marketing jobs.

  • Personalized career path for better planning
  • Set and Obtain your long-term career goals


Mock Interview sessions from experts to help you prepare for the final interview.

  • Mock interviews customized to individual industries.
  • Prepared for the field you choose.


Campus Drive placements by partnering with the 1200+ hiring partners across the nation.

  • Know the upgraded industry requirements and trends
  • Become a part of skill enhancement workshops.


Paid internship opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals and gain meaningful, hands-on experience.

  • Unlock cross-functional internship opportunities.
  • Broaden your skills and learn about the various aspects of your field.


Complete guidance to build your first professional resume to catch the attention for recruiters.

  • Vail Tips on keyword Optimization for better visibility
  • Make your resume stand out among recruiters


Dedicated counselling team to improve your job interview communication and interaction skills.

  • Become a part of specialized training sessions.
  • Hone your presentation and effective communication skills.

DSA - Taiyari Startup Ki

Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad

DSA Freelancing Training Program

With DSA’s freelancing program, we will help you build your personal brand, how to get freelancing projects, how to pitch clients, and much more.  Learn how to become a successful Digital Marketing Freelancer from DSA’s Freelancing Training Program
  • How to build your personal brand

    • Build your unique identity
    • Professional online availability
  • How to give quotation to clients

    • Comprehensive assessment knowledge
    • See-through pricing structure
  • How to start your own agency

    • Find your service niche or a particular industry
    • Detailed business plan
  • How to work on client presentation

    • Understanding client needs and objectives
    • Use captivating visuals and well-prepared content
  • How to pitch clients

    • Look for potential clients
    • Mention USPs that stand you out
  • How to make reports for clients

    • Add relevant key performance indicators
    • Showcase data in a clear format

DSA - Taiyari Internship Ki

DSA Internship Program

Our Internship program will help you to understand and master the 360° of Digital Marketing. On completion of the internship program, you will obtain a certificate of internship completion from DSA. These digital marketing certificates help you earn identification from the industry.
Enhance your skills and get practical hands on experience through DSA’s INTERNSHIP PROGRAM

Practical Work On Live Projects


Agency-Industry Experience



Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad

Direct Meeting With Clients


360° Digital Marketing Training


DSA’s Internship Completion Certificate

Life Of DSA

Placed Students From Digital Sandip Academy(DSA)



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Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad
Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad
Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad
Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad


“Digital Sandip Academy  is the best Academy to learn Digital Marketing”
– Frequently stated not only by our team, but also by hundreds of our students and associations.

What's Included in the Price

  • Certification
  • Execution’s & Ready Made template for Quick Implementation
  • Hands on experience with premium and modern tools
  • Job opportunities with career guidance and interview tips
  • Strategies to align a roadmap for your business growth
  • Solve all doubts and queries even years after completion of course.
  • Get special access to our monthly workshops and webinars

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