Top 7 Bulk SMS Service Provider in India


Bulk SMS service is mainly a service that allows businesses to contact/ reach out to customers in masses. This service proves to be a helping hand to all types of businesses to attract new clients or to have effective communication with existing ones. SMS service is used by small businesses, large enterprises, banks, and media to send reminders, alerts, to send new product information or to market themselves, and much more.

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Why Bulk SMS is valuable for every sort of business?

The availability of mobile phones has shifted the field of marketing. In earlier times, one-to-one marketing was famous but now everything is being digitalized. Every business wants to reach the masses with few clicks and that is when Bulk SMS service comes into the picture.

According to reports, more than 98% of people open and read SMS on regular basis. Compared to other ways, SMS effectiveness is much higher and is, therefore, a powerful means of communication for every business.

Considering small businesses, other means of advertising and promotion such as TV, articles, etc prove to be a costly option. Conversely, Bulk SMS is inexpensive and has a higher rate of return.

Organizing contests, price-winning events, campaigns through SMS will not only attract a new audience but will also keep your existing audience interested in your company.

Sending information through SMS means sharing limited content, specific content helps to make messages more impactful.

Types of Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS

Business uses such SMS for promoting and marketing their brand to existing as well as to new potential customers. Through this medium, all the new information about your brand will reach customers in few minutes. Messages are sent to only NON- DND registered customers.

Transactional SMS

These messages are used by businesses to send important messages to the masses. Such messages are sent both to DND and NON-DND customers.

How to select the BEST Bulk SMS service provider?

There are already countless no. of such service providers in India and price is not only a factor to pick out one such service. It is very important to look over other key factors and select a service provider best for your company.

Delivery and speed of service provider – Sending messages in bulk to customers can sometimes take several minutes to hours, this can also result in the non-delivery of messages to certain people. It is of utmost importance to select a service provider which is consistent and then it should provide data on speed and delivery rate.

Data interpretation

For any business, data and stats are very important. Such data helps decision-makers in business to analyze records, evaluate them and make decisions for the future accordingly. Service providers should provide data such as no. of messages delivered, messages opened, messages not delivered, etc.

Easy customization features

Business is the one who knows its customer very well. To effectively reach out to customers, customization is necessary. The service provider should provide some basic customization features like availability of multiple languages, scheduling messages at different times, etc.

Wide reach

Geographical boundaries were a thing in the past, developed technology has made it easier to go beyond our home country. There are ample earning opportunities for a business in a foreign land and your service provider should be open to other geographical locations.

Top 7 Bulk SMS service providers in India

Considering all such factors and analyzing various Bulk SMS service providers, here is the list of the top 7 Bulk SMS service providers in India for you.  Our only aim is to make choosing a service provider easier for you.


Started on 21st July 2011, Fast2SMS is a popular Bulk SMS service provider in India. It currently has become the most used service provider with almost 2 million users. Simple to use and easy customization make it opt choice by various customers.

Businesses not only want to communicate through words, for catching their customer’s reactions they do need the help of pictures. Fast2SMS gives abundant formats for communication like jpg, mp3, pdf, zip, etc.


Msg91 started in 2010 is known for its wide reach. This service provider is available in numerous locations and also has a unique feature “campaign”. This feature allows the excel plugin which allows the user to send SMS from a spreadsheet easily.

This service provider is trusted by various big businesses like PATANJALI, Unacademy, etc. The price of Msg91 is comparatively higher due to its features and wide reach.


TextLocal is a service provider based in the UK and is slowly gaining popularity in India. It uses a tier 1 connection which makes sending of SMS process quicker. This app is highly reliable and secure. Apollo hospitals, Bisleri are some of the top customers of TextLocal.

The unique feature of TextLocal is proper customer support. Their team has experts who help in solving minute queries as well as providing technological tips for better usage of services.


SMSHorizon, a service provider based in Tamil Nadu is known for full delivery and good speed range. It’s a user-friendly service provider and has a transparent pricing system. Some of the USP of SMSHorizon are 100% delivery of SMS, 3000+ satisfied customers, capacity to send and receive millions of messages, incredibly fast support system. SMSHorizon claims to reply to email quires within 30 minutes in business hours.


This service provider is famous in India for the provision of a variety of services in a cost-effective manner. THE biggest USP of BhashSMS is its quick account setup. The account can be made within few minutes and can be activated instantly. Its customer support system is active 24*7 and is very efficient in solving queries.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley and founded by Beerud Seth, GupShup provides services all over India. Its services include Messaging APIs, BOT builders, and various campaign managing. The service provider works with different mediums like SMS, Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and much more. Various well-known clients of GupShup are Amazon, HDFC banks, Myntra, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), and many more.


2Factor is a well-known and leading service provider which allows its clients to send transactional API, promotional API, OTP API, two-way SMS, and much more. The service provider believes in direct connectivity and thus provides an average delivery time of 2-6 seconds. The speed is maintained by managing 3 million+ transactions per day. 2Factor allows you to customize your user ID and is known for providing reliable SMS service.

Bulk SMS service will help you to understand your target audience and reach out to them effectively. The different SMS service providers will give you different services at various ranges, that is why it important to select a service provider according to your business requirement. We hope that the above-mentioned service providers list will be helpful for you. Wish you luck in all your future ventures.




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