Top 15 Interactive Facebook Post Ideas

top 15 interactive fb post ideas


Facebook, the gift given by Mark Zuckerberg is not only the platform for interacting with new people but also sharing new ideas and engaging more people since 2004. In the early days, people used to figure out the posts on Facebook for marketing and engage customers with educational and entertaining content. It has been a great global platform to expand businesses, new ideas, and to find amazing deals.

But, this is the era of 2021, the era of “Likes and Views”.

Starting from Morning work out to midnight party, our lives have become more digitally involved. Facebook is not an exception. It has grown more powerfully with the time that marketers consider this global family as one of the most effective platforms to generate new customers nowadays.

The idea of organic reach on Facebook has become a fossil. You need to have that exact right post and the new brainstorming idea to drive a ton of business to your doorstep.

You already understood, Right..??

The job of getting your fans’ attention has become harder than ever! The news feed is bursting with burning, exciting content just to grab those eyeballs.

But guess what? No more struggling!!

You know your fans than anybody else. Just post the content your fans love.


People are more aware of the effectiveness of everything, so there is more competition. Every small and large business is fighting to grab consumers’ attention over that single platform. You just need to be extra creative about your content to get noticed. Here we are, to guide you to get your Facebook love back. We have gathered the most important ideas to create an engaging Facebook post.

So, what will be the main problems to create an effective post?

  • Not knowing the engaging content
  • Not knowing when to post
  • Not knowing how to automate the whole process effectively

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Top 15 Interactive Facebook Post Ideas

Ask what they want

If you are completely new in this field, you need to start a conversation with your audience. The best way to show your interest is to ask questions. This is the most basic but powerful strategy.

“It sounds like the easiest job, right?”

The answer is ‘NO’…

You have to be very creative about your questions. You can just ask random questions to get the engagements of your audience towards your business. Or, you can post a set of interesting questions to do genuine research about the impact of your business.

Tell them some engaging stories

This is common human nature. We remember stories always. Stories always help to find a similar connection between you and your customers, leading you to connect with your audiences on a personal level.

For Example,

If you want to post about your new Fitness center, tell them the real story of how did you overcome your obesity problems following some smart techniques. People will appreciate your struggle story and they will also relate that with their life.

Make your first few steps more exciting

If you are completely new in this field, your first few posts should be very eye-catching. Try to make it more funny but effective.

Always remember,” First impression matters!”

For Example,

You can start with Facebook live to introduce you and the team of your startup or you can just post some videos of your new shop, office and tell your viewers about their specialties.

Trust me, It will be more remarkable when your audience can see who you are and whom they are dealing with.

Build the brand image by showing logo and colors

Let us tell you an important fact. Colors have an impact on human behavior, psychology process like mood and thought to influence customer’s feelings, buying choices. So, color psychology is very impactful in the field of marketing.

CHOOSE your brand logo and color wisely. Your logo is something that will differentiate you from the crowd.

If your brand color is vibrant red, then add some pepper by posting some effective picture of any red product of yours that will immediately stop an audience from scrolling down.

Choose the most trending topic

We all know that every social media has its trending topic at a time. You need to understand what those trending topics people are talking about are.

Whenever you will post something engaging about a burning topic, people will start to comment, and share your post. It will immediately increase your chance of appearing in the newsfeed of more people.

Know the right time to post

Timing is most important!

But, it varies with platforms and industries.

As you are thinking to post on Facebook, you have to run research when your fans are online. If you understand the optimal time to post, you can get more insights as well.

Everybody likes Behind-the-Scenes Shots

People are more aware than previous. They love the transparency of what they are going through. So, your business should be an open idea.

There are many ways to do that:

  • How did you start the business?
  • How do you make your products?
  • How do you keep your customers engaging?
  • You should include live videos, bloopers, and campaigns.

For example,

If you are having an organic vegetable shop to promote, you should start putting some videos of how do you cultivate them, sell them, and manage customer relationships.

 Choose the purposeful posts

Your fans will shower more love whenever they will get real value from you and your post.

This is the trickiest part. Your post should be useful to them.

If the viewers can find value exchange, they will like it and share it with their friends and families. So, your post must include some

  • Important news
  • Some useful content
  • Some helpful tips
  • Tutorials
  • Some live examples

Post frequently

Don’t just disappear! You have enough competitors to grab the attention of the crowd. Now, you are thinking that posting about once or twice a day should be perfect.

The answer is NO.

Don’t limit yourself. There are 24 hours in a day. Remember that!!

Some famous pages on Facebook post more than 12 times per day to keep engaging their fans.

Post Containing ‘Call-to-Action’

People respond more when you tell them to do something. If you are thinking to get instant reactions from your customers, then ‘call-to-action will be the best choice.

It is very crucial for marketing and sales purpose.

For example,

You are running your online digital marketing agencies. You can use the phrases like:

  • Sign up now
  • Register for the course
  • Grab best SEO course
  • Get 100% assured internship
  • Learn social media marketing

Post something that inspires people

Inspiring quotes that connect people with their daily struggle stories and motivate them to move forward can gain more insights.

You don’t have to be a motivational speaker!!

You just need to find those inspiring posts that will give some positive feelings to your consumers’ lives. It will immediately grab a positive impact on your brand also.

Offer more promotions

People respond to incentives. The good promotion of your product sometimes becomes a strong incentive to which people respond quickly. Promoting your product can be the best way of advertising which will bring you more shares and viewers.

Suppose, You want to promote your online digital marketing courses and sell them to more people. You can advertise the products by giving an ‘offer code’ and encourage them to buy the products and share the code with their friends and families.

Boost your post

Now, you know how to post, what to post!

Even you are posting very good content, you need to keep boosting them. Some successful pages spend millions of dollars just to boost their past content.

Why is Boosting so important?

Boosting your previous posts engage more people. Facebook shows your previous post to the audience according to their previous engagement and preference history.

This is brilliant, isn’t it??

Don’t be a Robot

You are interacting with human beings, you want the love of human beings!

Always remember that Facebook is a platform where people interact with their friends and families. So, post the way you do in your real life. People will love that raw version of you.

Ask for their valuable feedback

People love when you value them. When you let them know that their emotions, their needs, their feedbacks matter to you a lot, it makes another level of impact in your viewer’s mind.

This is the most personal approach than other ways.

Make your audience so comfortable that they will jump to say what they think whenever you ask them. Sometimes it adds extra benefit to uncover effective opportunities to improve the quality of your content.

Conclusion –

Finally, we have gone through 15 engaging Facebook post ideas which can skyrocket your Facebook engagement. To guide you in the path of the battle of Facebook engagement, but you have to decide which strategies suit you best!

Be very conscious about your target audience. Know them well. Prioritize them at first. Find their preferable content. Make a shortlist of those content, find the right time, and prepare the right strategy. When you will have a clear-cut plan for your Facebook posts, you will become a pro in grabbing the attention of your audiences.




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