Lead Generation Using LinkedIn


Similar to Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn is a social media platform but unlike them, LinkedIn is a professional site. It is designed to connect job finders and employee searchers. Other than that the platform is used for sharing our business achievements and to connect with people we’re working with professionals.

App users can engage and connect with people in various ways. They can like their connection’s post, congratulate them for any professional achievement. They can share and send videos and can write articles on this platform. The platform can be used for personal branding, job finding, and even for advertising.

Founded in 2002, the platform has helped numerous people to find jobs, to learn about new courses. Talking of membership, LinkedIn is available in both premia as well as in free membership. With free membership, you can create your account and connect with as many people as you want. While in paid/premium mode you’re required to pay some amount to enjoy extra or premium services. In premium mode, you’re allowed to use the search bar more than 100 times and can also view who viewed your account over the period of the past 90 days. Premium mode also provides the user with over 15000 expert learning courses to improve and strengthen their skills. Further, in premium mode, you can opt. from three different options which are business, business plus, or business pro. You are required to select an option depending on your business requirement and depending on the amount you’re ready to invest.

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Basic Uses of LinkedIn

By now, you got the brief on LinkedIn of what it is but you must also be aware of its uses. You must know why you should have an account on LinkedIn and also how it is beneficial to you as an individual. Following are some of the benefits of this social media network which will make you agree to create a profile on LinkedIn if you already don’t have one…

Searching for a new job:

LinkedIn is now mostly used for finding a new job. It helps in searching for jobs by notifying job finders about new job openings in various companies. You continuously get notification from the app suggesting job profiles which you’ll be interested in. Also, other than that you can always search for jobs according to your preference in the search bar of the app. The app made finding jobs for candidates easier, as the profile of a user many a time acts as a resume which shows various details of employees such as work experience, education background, and other such professional information.

Hiring Appropriate Employees:

LinkedIn doesn’t only have people’s profiles but also the company’s account.  Various companies make an account on the company’s name and update the working of it. The app is useful for companies to generate new leads and also to advertise themselves and make them more visible. They many a time mention any job opening if they have and accept applications via this app. Apart from that, companies are often seen marketing themselves and sharing their achievements on the platform. This in turn helps the company to grow on the platform.

Connect with Colleagues and Professionals:

LinkedIn is a professional platform and is thus very helpful to connect and be updated with past and current colleagues and with local and/or international professionals. With people changing jobs and we getting busy with our current jobs, it gets really difficult to know about our previous colleagues and this platform helps in keeping us updated about our old colleague’s business and professional life. Also, through LinkedIn, we can know what our professionals are up to by connecting with them and can learn from their workings and achievements which they will post on the app.

Join Various Groups:

On this app, we can join various groups based on our interests and our domain. The group is made for a specific domain. We can learn more about our professional domain by being active in such groups. Groups are made to increase domain knowledge, to know other people’s experience of working in the same domain, to get recognition in our working domain by participating in group discussions and group activities. Thus, we can increase our connection and reach through participating in such groups and by connecting with people in that group.

Top Seven Strategies to Generate Leads via LinkedIn

By now, you might be clear about the working of the app, the benefits of the app, and the features of the app. But as a business owner, it is important for you to able to generate new hot leads through any social media platform. Mentioned below are the top five strategies which will help you to generate new leads for your business –

A Strong Presence on the Platform:

After creating a profile on the app, the user often gets confused about what to post first, what to update first, etc. Start with updating and mentioning every basic detail about you as a business. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is now your new business card in the online world, your account and profile will be used by the user to decide whether to approach and engage with you or not. Make sure to mention these things on your profile –

  • Headline
  • Experience
  • Educational qualification
  • Background

Giving basic details about you and your business with such ease will make it easier for new users to know about you. Make sure to write an attractive and precise headline, mention everything you provide shortly and interestingly to gain the user’s attention and time.

Post Quality Content:

Once a user likes your post on LinkedIn, he/she is most probably expected to dig deeper into your profile. It is therefore vital to post quality and useful content. Plan your post systematically, be aware of what you are sharing, it should be professional and informational in nature.

Many people are treating LinkedIn as Facebook nowadays by often sharing irrelevant data which seems to be unprofessional. Sharing irrelevant videos, memes on such a professional platform is not acceptable.

To build genuine connections, try to post quality content on your account making it useful for users. To ensure that you’re creating content that users like, try visiting your page analytics and observe what niche or genre is most liked and preferred by them.

Socialize with Other Connections:

Though LinkedIn is a professional app it is eventually a social media platform. Socializing and interacting are necessary to be visible on this platform. Practice following method to socialize on LinkedIn –

  • Connect
  • Comment
  • Congratulate
  • Endorse

While communicating, try to be genuine. There are default comments available to save your time while engaging but trust me a user can easily make the difference between genuine comments and those default comments. And users will prefer original comments rather than those default comments. Take out time to read your connection’s post and update and try to post sincere and meaningful comments.

Build a Strategy:

I have seen people posting anything at any time on the app and setting unrealistic expectations from the posts. Users need to understand, LinkedIn is just an app. It’s not a secret shortcut for increasing sales or to be more precise there is no secret shortcut available to increase a business’s sales.

Generating leads via social media apps does take time and effort.

Before you start to post your content, try to build a well-planned strategy.

Decide what will be your content niche, sequence of posting, frequency of posting, and time of posting. Such plans help to build a sense of consistency and sincerity for your profile. An active and consistent profile is much more preferred by the user rather than the non-planned one.

Join Group your Existing Customers are in:

As explained in the upper part of the blog, a LinkedIn user can join groups he/she is interested in. via those groups a user can increase their profile reach and connections by communicating with different members of the group. You as a member can share posts and content, which may become the topic of healthy discussions. If your content has relevant quality, your group members may look up to you as a source of quality information.

You can also mention and describe yourselves in such groups or about services/ products you as a company offers. By getting involved in the right groups, you can convert group members into potential and long-term leads.

Pay attention to “someone viewed your profile”:

Most of us often ignore such notifications. But you can get a new lead by paying attention to this type of notification.  Just think, someone has decided to dig deeper into your account and know more about your profile. That someone has a high chance that he/she has an interest in your business, in product/services you’re providing.

Therefore, as a business, you should make sure to know who is viewing your profile, know more about that person and then send them a connection request.

Be Easily Discoverable:

Being searchable is not only important for Google and Instagram but also LinkedIn. This technique helps in generating new leads if the person searching is interested in the products/services you’re dealing with.

For being easily discoverable certain things required are-

  • Complete set up of LinkedIn profile.
  • The experience is mentioned in chronological order.
  • Request for recommendations.
  • Join groups related to your background.

LinkedIn is indeed experiencing a boom in the professional world, the platform is different from other already existing apps and helps generate leads, and is easy to promote your business. As a business owner, if you’re not using and exploring this app, you’re missing a great opportunity for your business. Also, the guaranteed boost of sales is not applicable here. As mentioned earlier, developing a good reach on social media networks takes adequate time and effort.

Scoring good leads via this app requires good strategies, some of which were mentioned above. All the strategies have the potential to make you and your brand more visible and recognizable.

After reading the above-written article, you’ll be on your path to accomplice your goals and build your brand name with a good audience. Thank you for reading till the end, it will be an honor if these strategies come in handy to you. Happy posting and growing!

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