How to use Pinterest Business Account for Marketing & Brand Growth



Pinterest is the new Instagram for business. Hence if you do not have an account of your business on Pinterest, it is high time to reconsider.  As we all know that keeping the audience engaged and driving the traffic of your target audience from social media is getting more and more complex and difficult for businesses. Hence it is important to include Pinterest in any business market strategy.

Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable the saving and discovery of information on the internet using images and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. In other words, Pinterest is a huge untapped social resource that can become the ideal place for any business or brand to showcase and engage their products and services to the niche market that is more than willing to spend their money on. Let us look at a few facts about the Pinterest platform:-

  1. The half-life of a Pinterest pin is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.
  2. The average users spend 14.2 minutes on Pinterest, pinning every time they log in.
  3. Pinterest is said to be the fastest-growing social media platform network in recent years. A stupendous 97 % in the year 2014.

Further, there are over 20 crores users worldwide using Pinterest, all using the social media platform for seeking and sharing inspiring, and helpful ideas across Pinterest. By using Pinterest for business, a brand can showcase their offering in terms of products and services, in a perfect manner, as Pinterest acts as an information resource for many people while preparing to make purchases.

While still many brands and businesses are still busy focusing their resources and market efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Pinterest has turned out to be a very promising and powerful platform that any business can anchorage itself and set itself apart from their competition. With all said and done, let us look at how to use Pinterest for business.

97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded.
Reach your audience early, before they’ve made up their mind.
They find what they love. You grow your business.

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Why Pinterest for Business?

Before we move into the Pinterest marketing strategies, which include users sharing the Pins, one needs to understand what Pin means in the context of Pinterest.

Pins are said to be the post a user makes in Pinterest, just like tweets are posted for Twitter. However, what is unique about Pins is that Pins always include a picture. The Pins also offer a unique option of including a title, description, and a website link, which is optional. This makes each Pin a much greater opportunity to drive traffic to the brand’s or business’s website, product pages, blog posts, and many more.

Create Pins Showcase products, share tutorials and promote site content by creating Pins.

Each Pin is saved in a Pinterest board; boards are nothing but collections of related Pins that one can curate on their Pinterest profile which the other users can follow as well. For example, a bakery will create a board that specifically contains bakery products, pastry, and other food items.

Once the user shares a Pin, it won’t just appear on their board. It will also show abreast of the brand’s Pinterest followers’ home feed, very similar to how your connections’ LinkedIn posts show abreast of your LinkedIn feed. Based on the user’s Pin description, it’s going to even show abreast of the news feeds of Pinner’s who have shown interest in similar content, or on relevant Pinterest search results.

When we compare Pinterest with Instagram is that Pinterest provides the ability to conveniently add links to the posts setting Pinterest apart from Instagram as a marketing strategy.

Setting Up Your Business Profile for Pinterest

The first and foremost step towards making your business prominent on the Pinterest platform is to create an account.

Create a profile by adding a photo, your location, and other details that help you to connect with your audience.

For setting up an account, the users get two options:-

Create a Brand New Business Account 
  • This can be done by going to “Pinterest for Business” and choose the option “Join as a Business”.
  • You have to complete the details about your business and the manager of the account.
  • Finally, you need to read & accept if you agree to the Pinterest Business Terms of Service and select the “Create Account” option.


Convert Your Profile into the Business Account
  • Log in to the personal Pinterest profile.
  • Go to the Pinterest for Business page.
  • Select on “Convert Now” option on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Optimizing the Pinterest Profile

Now that we have set up the business account profile on Pinterest, the next step is to optimize the Pinterest profile as people will look at the profile so that they could be able to get a clear idea about the offerings of the brand, what the business is all about, and what sought of content they can expect from what one has offered.

So if the brand is going to use Pinterest for business, the user should start by optimizing their profile more accurately to reflect the brand image. This can be achieved by:-

  • Having a well-defined logo of the company as the profile picture helps in optimizing the profile.
  • One must need to create an eye-catching cover picture for their profile that reflects their brand quotient.
  • You should write a description that precisely defines your brand and what the followers of the profile should expect.
  • One should be including their brand URL.
  • One must highlight a few of their best boards as “Featured Boards” to give your audience a glimpse of what you have to offer as a brand or business.

Let us look at a perfect example of a business that does all of this very well. Usually, on Pinterest, brands do not tremble away from the fact that they are brands on the platform – users most of the time shop, research and engage with the brand content that comes up with the value. The brand Anthropologie is very famous for its signature visual style, and that’s carried through all elements of its Pinterest profile. The company’s featured boards highlight the mix of product images with more hands-on content such as food and drink recipes, which feature into their tagline with their mission of “style, beauty, and home.”

Pinterest Profile Search

Rather than treating Pinterest as a social network platform, one should think of it as a search engine for pictures. For example, a user of Pinterest searching for black leather sandals where hundreds and thousands of Pins from online retailers, fashion brands, fashion magazines, social media influencers, and other Pinterest users will be highlighted.

As a shoe brand, you would want to make sure that the images of your shoe brand do appear. Hence for Pinterest users, the Search function is the first and most important step in finding out more information about the user’s interests, and the products the user is looking to buy.

Just like a Google search, once the user types the search term in the Search Bar, Pinterest finds out the best results for the keywords. The key difference between Google and Pinterest is that in Google you need to click on the ‘go to the next page, instead of in Pinterest the user can just keep scrolling until one runs out of relevant Pins.

Pinterest further helps the user in narrowing down the search by adding suggested keywords and topic areas along the top of the search results. Sticking to the “black leather sandals” example, we get several suggestions like “summer”, “high heels”, “flats” and all the user is required to do is s click on the suggestion that is relevant to the user and the results will refresh to include that search term.

Setting Clear & Realistic Goal For The Marketing Strategy

The biggest expectation for any company is to gain the maximum results from their Pinterest marketing efforts. Every business would want to get better brand visibility and increase its brand awareness. It may involve driving more traffic to their brand website or maybe maximizing their product sales.

Pinterest can help the brand achieve all this and even many more. A good practice is to define exactly what the brand goals are so that the business can take a more intentional approach and know what success looks like to them.

The goals will be able to guide the brand’s content and marketing strategies on any new social media platform they are looking to expand into, as well as the allocation of time and budget commitment towards Pinterest for business.

Just like any other social media network platform, Pinterest also provides unique value propositions and can play a particular role in meeting the essential goals of the business’s entire social marketing strategy.

As Pinterest has a huge attendance as a visual search engine with plenty of organic reaches, a brand’s Pinterest follower count is just the floor of the potential reach the brand can attain with highly relevant and engaging content.

Keeping the Audience in Mind

The business should be strategic about what they Pin! Before one starts with the Pin, they will need to define the keywords the brand wants to rank for to ensure their Pins pop up for the right people.

Pins can be indexed on Google and searchable on Pinterest,  hence the keywords play a major role on this platform.

Make sure to search the keywords that are guided under the search bars as they are the ones that rank high on the guided search tool.

Using Hashtags For Adding Better Presence

Targeted hashtags can help your business profile to gain more views. The brand can include up to 20 hashtags per Pin but 3-5 targeted hashtags are said to be the most effective number of pins. It is important to make sure the business account remains focused on their keywords and can relate to what they post.

Building a Community on Pinterest

Every great social media accounts are built by a community of interested and engaged followers. In the case of Pinterest, it is quite important to jot inspiration, sharing ideas, and building conversations around the topics that are about your brand.

If a brand wants to encourage its followers to pin their posts, the brand itself has to be super active. As a brand, your business profile needs to be active every day so that the followers of your profile get a fresh account from the business account whenever they log into their account.

You should also start to follow other accounts and business boards and start liking their posts that are related to your business.

Another option is to create a group board and invite the followers to pin posts to your business board for building the community and to grow your audience.

You can also collaborate with other brands and create a shared board to create a wider community.


We have seen all the tools the reader needs to start driving traffic and making sales from their Pinterest account. Having over 20 crores users on the Pinterest platform, making a business profile on Pinterest is an opportunity a brand would not want to miss.

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