How to start a website in Low Cost

how to start a website in low cost


The digital platform is widely used and rigorously capturing the market these days, as most of the companies are believed to transfer from the offline platform of working and shifting to the online manner of working, which then requires certain skills and a proper platform.

Today anyone can earn sitting in his bedroom sipping tea and what he needed are just a Laptop and a broadband connection. This is how the power of the internet has been increasing day by day, to adopt this way of working many have jumped into this pool of opportunity of easy-going but not all can succeed. A piece of better knowledge and a proper path is always needed if you want to go digital. Through proper planning and with a mindset it is enough to utilize the internet and get a great outcome out of it.

Before even going further for the concept of knowing how to make the website, let’s light up with the concept of a website and what it does and how it is to be done.

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What exactly is a website?

A website is essential to the internet. It is a platform for a business or organization to showcase their product or services online or digitally a website is a link generated with an appropriate Domain name which then allows you to create your content related to your work or business you deal into.

Many people confuse themselves with the term web pages and websites, well there is a difference in both which is considerably taken when you are in process of creating a website because you should know what exactly you are doing. A web page is like a document that has to be showcased in a web browser like for example Google Chrome, it is simply a display and not exactly a whole site to operate whereas on the other hand website is the collection of web pages that are grouped and combined in often diverse conducts. Now we know exactly what it means, it is now feasible to know what and how to operate a website rather confusing with-it other concepts related to the Internet or web.

Hence, a website is totally needed for the operation of your business online and get your customers widely, including a great home page which will help the users to know more exact about the website is about and create a distinct image of a particular website, apart from all of these content act as a king which should be delicately taken care of.

Now, making a website is not enough, you need a space to upload your data of contents and for that, you have to buy space from a platform. Now when you are ready with everything containing name, space, contents to write, blogs, workers, etc. it is ready to work on and boom on the internet.

In nutshell, a website is a prodigious way to portion your interests, ideas, views, endorse your products or services on the online platform with the world through the Internet.

Why you should go Digital?

The world without the Internet is hard to believe, Right? There are billions and millions of users of the Internet across the world and considering it as the best source to access the search engines, many businesses have taken their business online or what we call the digital platform. Website is the tremendous opportunity one has to get its business online and can grab around all Internet literate humans’ around it. If you are about to start any startup or have any business it is now necessary to have a website, irrespective of the size of the business. The digital world will help you to get your business reach to the end numbers of people apart from restricting to some certain number, so it is rigorously increasing and capturing most of the targeted consumers of the businesses.

Online is the new trend nowadays because after being surpassed by this pandemic, people have known the essence of the internet. Many new companies have digitalized and made their space or way in the largest platform, the usage of the internet increases drastically after this as more and more people tend to adapt this want their business online to get rid of losses or maybe expansion purpose whatever the reason may be.

But the actual question here is why one should go to the digital platform?

The answer here is not specific but can be different for various people as per their purpose of getting their business online. But their purpose is to grab a larger market with the least possible cost. Here where comes the idea of making a website and go digital. Digital does not mean simply just buy a broadband connection and start surfing; it’s way more than one can think of. Internet is a pool of information and opportunities and should be used eventually. Many small or big companies prefer to go digital because of the wide scope and remarkable feedback. To get customers or in general people have knowledge about your business it is the easiest manner to catch the attention and effortlessly available method. Therefore, it is easy to make a website but how to maintain and make it at the same time with low cost, let’s see that further.

How to start?

Website designing is a simple wonder, there are many tutorials, materials available on the same, but before jumping into that pool, let’s look at how it works. Before starting with the creation of the website, you should know the actual process and investment you require to spend on it. A good website will not necessarily include a huge amount of money, a website can be created with the nominal amount as well. For better knowledge of the cost involves and cost initiate clarification do consult your web designing company, which will help you with your queries of the cost involved, but if you prefer creating a website all by yourself then also you can do it, as it involves a very basic and simple process to start with and which will eventually save your money of consulting a designing company. It is a Small investment sequence that will be at the least possible cost depends upon your requirement and for the betterment of the business, it is advisable not to change the domain name again just because of your change in fondness.

When you will about to start with your website-making process there are some things to be kept in mind. Below are the things that should be considered pertinently used and thorough before proceeding:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Adaptability
  3. Engagement
  4. Easy to operate

Above mention, five points will do spectacle if you will keep an eye over it, as it will help you to tackle and maintain a good reputation of the website and the working of the same will be considered as fine. There are many platforms where you can start a budgeted website like GoDaddy, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select you Domain Name of your choice which suits your business and gives relevance.
  • Find a Web Hosting company.
  • Write your Subject matter, which explains your work
  • Build you website
  • Make Payment and you are ready to go.

While selecting your Domain name you will be provided with different prices given to different domain names, which helps you to select the least costly and effective name, domain names should be selected concerning the business you are taking online like say for example if there is any government company working online then they will probably get the domain ending with or if any educational firm is making a website and looking for a name then it will go with the domain name ending with and so on depends upon the requirements.

Now it is not necessary that you will get the domain name what you prefer or like at your prescribed rate, there will be different rates and prices allotted to the various names usually names ending,.in are more expensive than of others so if you are going for the low-cost website then decide your budget accordingly or get the name ending with different closings.

Here, the works begin, not ends because creation can be fun but the real work starts when you work within the website.

What is the Maintenance cost of the Website?

This is a very communal question one has in his mind while going digital. Website is the online individuality of your business or association, so the foremost thing to do is to get an online name which is called domain and space which is known as web hosting space on the server. For making a website at least amount of 2500 INR is enough with a hosting space of 1 Gb. Web hosting packages may differ with the preference and technical support for a small business it is easily manageable to create a budgeted website and enjoy its name online.

Maintaining a website can be a costly affair, but choose your host accordingly and you will create an effective website in just five minutes with the least possible cost. Maintaining a website will be easy when you start working in your dashboard because then when you know how it works. If you want a more attractive and purposeful website you should set your budget accordingly.

After all the process of website making, it is always questionable task to maintain it at the very same pace and continue the same for a period, which can be timely done through regular content and blogs which involves no cost at all, which means the only amount to be spent is on the creation and further is all free to go, in contrast, more benefits in less paid website.

Maintaining a website does not only includes the cost of the space of sustaining the data but also complies with a lot more than that. Regular maintenance of the website is requiring, timely posting of data or content related is more engaging, using different fonts, images, different backdrops all these will somehow come in a paid version also, but these all can be done after settling the website as well. While going for a low-cost website these all may not be necessary enough for the concerned person or business but eventually, through time it has to be considered to make a website more attractive and creative which creates a good emphasis on the user or visitor. Some brands or businesses patent their logo as well which again involves a huge cost.

While there will be expenses but the more emphasis is on just the space which will initially be needed to start the website rest all can be postponed for future reference or future possibilities as and when required or demanded. Maintaining not only meant the cost involves in the handling of the website but it includes time, effort, and also creative thinking of logistics at the same time. Once your business is online then it’s showtime, you need to perform and start advertising your products online itself which creates more impact as per the recent scenarios. Timely brushing of the keywords, more interactive visibility, and reach can be also considered under the website maintenance.

Therefore, a Website can be made at low cost and can also be maintained in the same if the decisions taken for the same is effective enough and budget stetted should be followed to start a website, this will lead to a proper numbered path to follow which turns out as efficiently profitable and satisfactory.

So, go grab this remarkable opportunity and take your business online and relish the benefits. You know how they say this, “A good first impression can work wonder.” So, make it as worthy as you can and seize the world.

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