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Why Promote a Business Online?

We must continue to innovate every day. Innovation needs to be part of our culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we are in trouble. So for fostering, one must promote his business online. There is a huge scope if it’s done. Bill gates say that “if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”.

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Today life without the Internet is unimaginable. The feasibility of mobile technologies and the Internet is shifting everything online. About 91 of the global population is active on it and India is the 2nd largest populated country in the world, which has huge potential when it comes to online promotion of business. The urban population and especially the youth are getting inclined towards the Internet. Its dominance has become the necessity for businesses to switch from conventional marketing to online marketing.

How to Promote a Business Online?

We put best internet marketing techniques to effectively promote business online. You will be able to promote your business to its best after reading the points mentioned below:

Effectual use of Social Media

India has embraced the internet with open arms, and the population has been rapidly growing in the past decade with active social media users. Posting relevant content and frequently updating the profiles will create brand authority and give a positive impression to customers. Social media marketing enables interaction and engagement, customer loyalty, and relationship building. Social media boost the visibility among potential customers.

Posting content on Facebook that is entertaining, catchy, and connects emotionally with the audience will serve you best. Making a tweet about the trends will give you a good response on Twitter. LinkedIn covers a professional audience so crafting the content professionally is preferable. Engage with your followers and encourage their engagement. Cover your target audience on social media platforms. Boosts your post and take follow-ups.

  1. Facebook: It is the most visited site in the world. For a solid professional presence, you must have a separate business page. For this, you need to follow some very simple steps like, filling in a page name, its description, class, and uploading a profile picture that best describes your business. Later on, adding contact information, address, product details, etc to stay connected with customers. For dragging more audience towards your page, mention the story behind starting your business, what is your USP, what services you offer. In the primary stage of promotion, you can post some pictures, share coupons and discount offers on the page. Finally, invite the audience to follow your page. Then keep posting regularly and keep responding to customers’ comments, queries, feedback, concerns, etc. try being loyal and friendly. You can also create Facebook ads and target the audience based on gender, age, place, likes, and interests. You can also upload a story, post a video or go live on Facebook to look more active. In this way, one can foster its business on the most used website worldwide i.e Facebook.
  2. Instagram: Set up an optimized business account on Instagram. Add your website link in the bio which will let the audience directly visit your website through one click. Be recognizable with a consistent name and picture. Have an informative and catchy bio that seems appealing to the audience. Post the pictures of high quality and which best reflects your business. Pump up the follower’s feeds with discounts, offers, and incentives. Use keywords and hashtags relevant to your business. Also, use the popular and trending hashtags to widen your discovery ability… To build customer relationships, keep the interaction active.
  3. LinkedIn: It helps you to avail your connections and networking for business recognition and promotion. Create a company page. Find your target audience. Insert keywords to your post. Create LinkedIn ad campaigns. If you use sponsored updates then your post will be visible on an individual’s feeds. Join groups and be interactive. Own LinkedIn group can also be created where you add the target audience and keep posting the relevant content there.
  4. Whatsapp business: There is a Whatsapp user in every second home. Whatsapp is used widely across the world. Now, Whatsapp Business has emerged as a new medium for carrying out your business online. It’s a powerful Business Messaging Channel. You can have personalized interaction with customers. Whatsapp business is directly tied-up with the phone number so it improves authenticity and builds trust. You can broadcast a message to your customers. You can also add addresses and catalogs of your products for reference. You can also engage directly on phone calls to eradicate confusion.

Website Marketing

It is a strategic promotion of a website to attract the relevant audience who may be interested in your company’s products and services. Businesses need to build their websites. Websites break geographical barriers and can be accessed from any corner of the world and it increases sales. Creating a website is cost-effective and simple. But a physical store requires massive investment. The website also makes an online presence of business when people are searching for them. There is ample growth opportunity if you have a user-friendly, well-updated website. Choose a domain name that best defines your business. Place your contact information above the fold so that people can reach you. Navigation of your website must be easy. The information must be correct and the website should run smoothly. Have a call to action and simply design your website. Website marketing includes creating a sales page or landing page, brochures, posters, etc. Use website data tools to track the visitors. SEO helps to make your website accessible and appealing to the readers. Make your website Mobile friendly. Pay-per-click ads help to drive more traffic to your website.

Video Promotion

Video marketing is promoting your products and services through videos. Videos increase conversion rates by 70% and help the customers to make buying decisions. Videos support and delight customers. Video is now no longer a piece of the marketing plan. If you don’t make the video then you are lacking behind. A short video is an excellent manner to notify your potential customers about the product/brand. Video promotion is becoming vital in today’s online climate. People prefer to watch rather than reading and it is retained for a longer time. You can run a video campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share the video in Online communities. You can always add keywords in your video description section. Then engage the audience in like, comment, and share part. Use categories and tags for making the audience understand what the video is about. Customize your thumbnails to create a sense of professionalism. Add your website link in the description so that people visit the website and know about your business. In this way, you can not only promote your business but make a positive image in the mind of people.

Targeted email

It is sending personalized emails and campaigns to the subscribers based on profile data, behavior, geographic region, etc. There’s no rejection to it that email marketing is a  powerful tool. In email marketing, segmenting the contact list helps you to send more specified messages to the right consumers. Consumers are less likely to become inactive if segmentation is followed. Email marketing also allows customers aware of new products, services, and discounts. You can let know your potential customers frequently through e-mail. It’s a professional and more personalized way to reach your customers in real-time. Users are updated and well-informed about your business/brand/product. Few metrics monitor the activities. Conversion rate helps you see how many subscribers made purchases. Click-through rate (CTR) counts the number of clicks on your link. You can directly reach your customers through e-mail.

So, these are some simple but fruitful techniques to promote your business online. A professional marketing agency will be able to work well and help to get successful results.

Benefits of Promoting a Business Online.

Generation of qualified results: The people who are genuinely interested will search for your business and there are more chances of them to get converted and become your loyal customers. It will also save your time by not wasting it on un-interested people.

It boosts brand awareness:  A multitude has its presence in the digital world. So, digital marketing enables more people to know, recognize, and learn about your business.

It maximizes the reach: Online marketing breaks the barrier of geographic and demographic regions. People worldwide can view your ads and posts. It is not limited to certain audiences or publications.

It’s cost-effective: It eliminates transportations costs, huge manpower requirements, and capital. You can reach a large audience by just sitting in one place. It also saves time.

Ease of monitoring: You can timely monitor, evaluate, and test your activities which will help you to make smart strategies to ultimately boost your sales.

So how smart and easy is online marketing! It’s not at all rocket science. All you need is the zeal to take your business to the next level.

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