How to Get Your First Project for Digital Marketing Freelancing


Freelancing is the best way to showcase your talent and passion into skills. And from those skills, you can earn with a great price and experience.

If you want to be your person in charge, Rome around the world by working a few hours and taste the freedom, freelancing can benefit. It is a budding idea. Though, there is only one foremost problem that people don’t know accurately how to do that.

So, before directly jumping on the freelancing for Digital Marketing, one must know the following facts:

  • You should complete a certified Digital Marketing course from a certified place.
  • Necessary skills to be fulfilled according to the needs
  • Every aspect has to be covered beforehand
  • You should carry certain certificated to assure clients of the authenticity.
  • Practical knowledge of how when and where for Digital Marketing.

What is Freelancing Digital Marketing in simple words…

With freelance digital marketing, you’re essentially helping companies endorse their products and services online. Your job is to spread out to your customers target onlookers, get them to your customers’ website, and change them as gainful customers. Quite a simple. Right?

It might look at that way, let’s wait and understand a little more about it first.

As a freelancer, there are several fields one should expertise in or at least know how and what they work:

  • Search Engine Optimization expert
  • Search Engine Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Marketing expert
  • Content Marketing expert
  • Email and SMS marketing expert
  • Affiliate Marketing expert
  • Blogger
  • YouTuber
  • Influencer
  • Video Marketing expert
  • Website developer
  • Graphics designer
  • Growth hacker
  • Web analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Online Reputation Manager

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How to start as a Freelancer?

To watch how to start a business or becoming a freelancer, click below:


Well, for the quick and basic you should seek for the following in this field:

  • You should complete your Bachelor’s degree from a stipulated college in an accepted field of choice.
  • You need to hold the most pertinent skills to pursue Digital Marketing such as communication skills, analytical skills, Business skills, writing skills, etc.
  • You need to be flexible and updated to the latest technologies and trends in the same field.
  • You need to have a continuous learning attitude to help you stay updated in the dynamic scene with all the information in this field.
  • You should know your work at the back of your hands, and be an expert in the same.
  • You need to have ample more well-equipped experience in the field to help your clients with your professional knowledge.
  • You need to have a few believed certifications in the field, such as the unities from Google, Facebook, HubSpot, LinkedIn, etc.

Thus, if the above mentions are been followed then it is a GO! Sign and you can simply start your freelancing from several sites and take a GRAB ON!

For the starters, the following are some of the best platforms to start with and proceed with your work, the list describes the name of the sites where you can find your way to it:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • LinkedIn
  • 99Designs
  • Toptal
  •  In-demand talent on demand

After all the efforts come in one place and the pool has started to fill with water a little by little then the foremost thing to know is “Content is the King for your Freelancing”.

How to begin?

Manage your opportunities

Freelancing sounds pretty easy but the pressure and stress are sometimes unmanageable, you need to figure out every possible outcome of your work beforehand. Let’s think about handling stress, for example. One misapprehension that many people have about digital freelance marketing is that it’s a stress-free job. But that not what it is. Though you don’t have a boss to answer or any authority you still have to answerable to your clients in all manner.

Recognize your talents and skill 

The main part is where you need to classify your interest in your work. Sit down make a list of whatever skills you have and what you would like to do. Do you want to social media ads? Or do you want to run PPC ads? Which platform will be benefited more according to your interests? Do you like problem-solving and identifying strategies? Can you provide a solution for that?

All need to be correctly understand and further applied.

 Find a niche

Once you’ve recognized your talents and skillsets, the next is to select your niche. One mistake that many new freelancers make in this step? They are not precise enough. They don’t exactly know about their field.

For example, many freelancers will choose what they want to furnish to start-ups and small business holders. There are an adequate number of clients who fall under this category, if you targeting them then the chances of more projects increase. Right?

Look for a customer

While looking for a customer, know which clients are reliable and which ones should be dodged. Confirm that the client is ready to pay a good quantity of money for your tough work.

Furthermore, avoid customers who need a blog written for free or at a very non-acceptable pay. Such customers will not add any value to your resume and work.

Display your Portfolio

Your portfolio will be your identity or image which you will show to your customers. For an impressive portfolio, you have to start building it creatively:

  • Images
  • Blogs
  • Niche related information
  • Previous projects

The testimonies and recorded videos of your true clients and near dear ones should be showcased for the information and through this, the possibility of getting new projects increases at a good pace.

Another way to spread the word can be to get a backlink from third-party websites and can also make digital advertisements to catch the eyes of the clients.

The Scope of your project 

When you are stable to get a project, it is now time to emphasize the possibility of the project. Make a thorough discussion about the scope of the project with the customer. Similarly, when determining the price for the reimbursement, do not give high or very low figures. Make this a word in your mind, “Not all can have the art of quoting as it needs to be done correctly for further profits.”

Complete the project and receive the payment

Finishing a project effectively will be a new standard for you. So, when you are done with your very first digital marketing freelancing project, your next step is to submit it to your customer. Subsequently, you need to entitle your payment for the job done and always ask for feedback from your customers, which helps you to show to your furthermore or upcoming customers as a work quality thing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Digital Marketing Freelancer:


  • You will have no boss
  • You can choose when you want to work
  • You can choose where you want to work
  • Every project is diverse; you might enjoy it as an adventure and never get bored
  • You decide how much you will earn your pay is not limited by anyone and there are no rules that it can only increase at a certain rate. You can pitch your rate as you want.

In all, the attractiveness of freelance marketing lies in the element that you can do anything according to your wish and in your way.


  • Competition is rigid. As you will reach your customers all in the market, then the entire globe is your competition, and to get your projects without any breaks you need to come out as a great freelancer out there.
  • No stability in income. You might earn 10000 in a day and 2000 the very next day, there is no such stability of your payor income. The income depends upon the clients and their projects, to make a reputation of your out there you have to be very dynamic about the fact the income can be stabled.
  • No one will invest in your skill development. In this dynamic world things shape on their own very quickly and to update yourself you might need some support, no one will have you back. But luckily there are several facilities and courses available online to give you the knowledge for the same.

Let’s not sugar-coat things and tell you the actual reality there are loads of freelance marketers out there, it is very difficult to point out to a specific horse in a crowd of horses. You know how they as long as you give them a reason to hire you there is no turning the income will double or triple is all in your own hands, just do it wisely.

The key is to propose to your clients something that makes it valuable for them and to continue instead of resigning early in the game.

All the best folks!

How to Get Your First Project for Digital Marketing Freelancing
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How to Get Your First Project for Digital Marketing Freelancing
Mr. Sandip Trivedi, who is the founder and CEO of the academy. With 10+yrs of experience and having trained 50,000+ students. He has an extensive experience in this industry both as a leading digital marketing consultant and as a trainer.
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