How To Do SEO For E-Commerce Website?

SEO For E-commerce Website

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a strategy of increasing your website position on a search engine platform. After having a basic idea of how SEO works, you can use different tactics to improve your website’s position.

You must have worked hard and spent many resources to build a good website for your business, but not getting new leads is a constant problem in this competitive market and this is exactly when SEO comes into the picture. Using effective SEO techniques can increase your website visibility by getting a higher rank on search engines. And we’re here to guide you to build an SEO-friendly website for your business. But first, let’s understand the basic working of SEO and why t is important.

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The Basic Working Of SEO And Why It Is Important

SEO is all about understanding and knowing what your customers need and not only that, it also includes knowing what they are searching for. For example, keywords they use problems they are facing or solutions they are looking after. Knowing answers to such questions will help you to create content that is needed by your website’s visitors.

Remember, search engines are just a machine answering people’s queries. All they do is store all types of data (videos, images, pdfs, blogs, and a variety of other content) and display it to the searcher in a particular order. And that is why you’re required to keep SEO in mind. But remember, Search engines are not your readers or customers. You’re creating content on your website for your customers, they are your end-users. You should create content according to their requirement. Therefore, a content creator or content writer should keep both search engines and customers in their minds.

You must have noticed the search results contain both organic well as advertisement results. You have to pay for advertisement a result which is known as search engine marketing and use effective SEO tactics for organic results. Studies have shown that searchers still rely more on organic results compared to other ones because that content is genuinely liked by a large amount of audience.

Attracting new customers can be hard and paying for the same is not cheap. But, your website needs new visitors, which is why it was built in the first place. You can therefore depend on SEO for getting a positive result and it is not too hard to understand its working.

If you provide content worth reading and are also SEO friendly then the chances of getting in top results of a search engine are already there.

An Appropriate Guide Of SEO For An E-commerce Website


Will you believe me if I say that a total of 228 million searches are made on Google every hour? This means there are a lot of searches and a lot of content already present on the internet. You need to make sure that your website provides something new and different to your readers.

Keywords are the words that make your website visible to readers on search engines. Using the right keyword is important to make sure that the content of your website is in the top results of search engines. You can use the following three types of keywords –

  • Informational keyword – it solves queries of questions like “how to”, “when”, “what”.
  • Commercial keyword – a reader is not in purchasing stage yet and mainly searches for “price range”, “quality review”.
  • Transactional keyword – here the user is ready to buy and thus product and service names are your main keyword.

Writing and creating content with keywords related to your business and audience gradually increases your rank on search engines. For finding authentic keywords, you can use “Google keyword planner”. It’s a free tool by Google, which will let you know popular and useful keywords in your niche.

 Website Design

An E-commerce website has a huge amount of content, various blogs, products or services offered, and much more. It is therefore of utmost importance to have a properly organized website which your visitor can navigate easily.

There is no wrong way to organize a website but two rules must be kept in mind –

  • Try to keep your website simple a subtle.
  • Your homepage should be fewer clicks away from any content on your website.

Remember to make your website mobile-friendly. Don’t expect that your visitor will always be using desktop/pc while surfing. Many people still do mobile surfing and if your website is not easy to use at that moment, you may lose chunks of visitors.

While constructing your business website imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. Will he be able to get desired results on my website within few clicks? You also have to make a separate section for trending products/ services on your website.

For example – festival sales, sales on selected products. If you provide service then discount on XYZ service, offer valid up to ABC date. Such offers should have a whole separate section and should be placed where visitor notices it easily.

Uploading quality content 

I know you created your e-commerce website for the selling of products and/or services, and you must be thinking why should I create and publish content on my website. But you’ve to increase the visibility of your website. You need to make sure that consumers know about your website and visit it when they require something. And one way for that is to write and post compelling content, which comes under “content marketing”.

Remember about the informational keyword? Well, writing blogs which include informational keyword will increase your website visits. Readers can come to your website to get answers to their queries and in the process, they’ll know about your business.

You can insert links in your most visited blogs to direct the readers from the blog to your product pages, which indirectly means you’re converting your reader into a customer.

If you’re the one who doesn’t have a creative talent or don’t know how to write blogs and optimize them, you can always hire freelancers or professional content writers for a writing blog post related to your business. These professionals will make sure to write content for your website according to your niche and not only this, most of them are aware of SEO techniques and will create content keeping search engines in mind.

Optimizing Keywords For The Website

After the proper organization of your website, it is important to optimize SEO for products. When it comes to websites general keyword doesn’t work effectively. You’re supposed to add modifiers to your product keywords for greater visibility. Also, your page title should include the keyword you are targeting for a specific product or category.

For example, common modifiers used by people while searching for products are “cheap”, “review”, “best”, “free delivery”, “online” etc.

Apart from modifiers, you can use such keywords in long phrases. For example, add phrases in the description of products and services like “sale on our shoe range”, “exciting deals on all products” etc. You must optimize keyword descriptions for increased clicks. You’re supposed to think of creative ways to add keywords to your website for SEO optimization.

Enhancing The Images

If you run an online store, image optimization is an art that you must master. An e-commerce website contains multiple images, take Amazon, for example, the website has a huge no. of images with good quality and yet its site always runs smoothly. It is important to optimize the images used. Optimization decreases the size of images without affecting the quality images. It will help you decrease page buffering and provide a good experience to visitors. It is crucial to provide your customer a smooth service. No one will visit a broken site twice, instead, they will shift to your competitor for the fulfillment of their needs.

While uploading an image of your product, try compressing it first without affecting its quality. You can use free tools to do this such as Optimole, ImageRecycle, and CompressNow. And for image SEO you can place keywords related to your product on images, which will help your image appear in Google images.

Parting Words

The main target for SEO is to increase sales. If the SEO is done right you’ll observe an increase in traffic on your website which in turn will increase your sales. Before following any SEO rule blindly, be aware that SEO is not a one-time thing. The algorithms of search engines keep changing and you have to keep updating your knowledge accordingly. You’ve to keep on searching for new keywords to use on your website. And look for new, different, and innovative content for your visitors. SEO optimization takes much time and dedication but results are always worth waiting for.

Thank you for reading this blog till the very end. I hope this detailed blog helped you with your e-commerce website.



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