How to crack Digital Marketing Interview

how to crack dm interview


2021, a new era, Right?

We all have heard the term “Survival of the Fittest”, If you Survive, you Stay. So, this new starting brought a new revolution, and “entering into the Digital World” is the main part of that. We have a new way of living, new job opportunities, but differently. If we need to survive, we will need new skills, techniques.

We all know about Digital Marketing which is the most opportunistic outcome of this era. It’s going to play the most dominant role in the world of Marketing in near future.  But the more hectic portion is cracking the job interview of digital marketing. It’s a huge diversified field that requires fine knowledge about the role you are going to play. Preparing for the questions, wearing the right clothes, keeping the right ways of interaction are not always enough for your Dream digital marketing job. Most of the time, we make some common mistakes. We can’t say “learn from mistakes” to compensate for our losses every time. So it’s high time to decide your fate and rock it with lots of confidence. The only thing you need to do is to gather all of your patience and stick with me till the last of this blog.

In this blog, I am going to tell the Do and Don’t at your digital marketing interview which I learned from my mistakes to make sure that you can pass your last step towards a passionate future. It will leave no option with the person sitting at the opposite side of the table other than accepting you.

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About the digital marketing job profile:

Before entering into a new world, you should know your contributions. Why are you contributing? For whom are you contributing? How are you contributing? You must know the answers to these questions before going for the interviews.

If you are a fresher:

  • You should have a proper idea about the role.
  • You should be confident, and good at communication.
  • You should have very good theoretical knowledge for understanding your customer better.

If you have experienced:

  • Then you will be provided Team Leader or Managerial post most of the time
  • You have to make new strategies and content to keep your customers more engaging.
  • You may have to train the new employees to let them understand.


Now, let’s know more about “what stories they want to hear from you?” and “how should you reply and prepare against their queries?”

1st Step: Become A digital Marketing GURU
  • If you need to build the palace, you need to make the Base strong. Until and unless you know the ABC of the field, you can’t proceed further.
  • Having a piece of proper knowledge is not always enough. You need to let people know about your talent.
  • You need to do Marketing for yourself in a technical way that will immediately catch the eyes of the interviewer.

BE an EXPERTISE first.

2nd Step: Do the research

Everybody needs attention. Your company is not an exception. Before going for an interview, you should do all the research about the company and the value of the post they are offering. It makes you an exception when you do some home works for their company. You should know

  • Their background
  • Offerings
  • Mission and Vision
  • Yearly revenue
  • Their current digital marketing strategy

Once you know about them, you can act smartly. You also should have something in your mind to add more value. You can elaborate on them once they ask you about your views and thinking. It shows that you are an eligible candidate for them.

3rd Step: Be prepared for the Tricky questions about the Company’s online channels

Don’t worry! No one is looking for your flattery. They sometimes ask your thought and perceptions about the company’s website, their social media channels, and if you can suggest something more insightful. In this case, if you have to suggest something just go for it.

Sometimes they don’t ask you about their social presence. But you have to bring it into your conversation to make them believe that you have done enough research about their website and spent enough time in their various social channels.

4th Step: Be updated online

“People only buy what they can see”

Always have an updated online presence. Start with your LinkedIn profile. An up-to-date LinkedIn profile will bring you more opportunities and will take you a long way. Make an impactful online presence. Start marketing yourself online. Then the interviewer will consider you as an eligible digital marketer. It’s the stepping stone to make your first digital impression.

“Start with YOU”.

5th Step: Know about your CV

Now, this is the common mistake we do in an interview. We write so many things about our skills, past experiences to make the impression heavy but always end up being out of words while talking about them. This is the worst part which often shows a lack of confidence.

You can’t know everything, but whatever you know to deliver it confidently

We should always keep two things in mind while making the CV:

  • Try to show those skills or experiences which are relevant to your digital marketing job profile. Be very SPECIFIC
  • Don’t wait for the interviewer to ask you more. You should take the conversation in such a way that can portray more stories than your CV.
6th Step: Be the MASTER of ANALYTICS:

Digital marketing is all about the web, social, and online advertising analytics. But remember, this is the first step only. The rest part is interpretation. Nobody is going to give you a digital marketing job for gathering the data in a spreadsheet.  Your job is to illustrate the data set and make a different story out of it which will help your organization to go further.

Try to gain more experience in the field of analytics, and then go for the interpretation from it.

  • If you don’t have any experience, start with Google Analytics.
  • If you already have some experience in analytics, elaborate on them with good examples in front of the interviewer.
7th Step: Be honest about your Digital Space

Digital Marketing is not a topic of just two words. It’s a diversified field starting from SEO, SEM to social media, Email Marketing. You may not know everything about it. You may not have previous experiences in that particular field. Don’t panic. Suppose you don’t have many exposures to Email Marketing but you start your answers like this “I may not have good experiences in this field, but I am learning new skills and techniques of Email Marketing. Now I am looking for a job where I can apply my new knowledge”.

You will be appreciated for your honesty in between the interview. They will consider you as a quick learner.

8th Step: Show your passion for this field with Stories and example

There is competition everywhere. The interviewer will give the job to the person who wants the job most. Showcase your real passion for this industry. The hiring manager wants more than just a candidate. The job market is getting competitive day by day. Don’t just prepare simple questions to answer like a Robot. Make them believe that you are different from others who are just candidates.

  • Start writing Blogs related to Digital Marketing.
  • Start learning from Certification courses available online.
9th Step: Add Creativity always

Be a creative person always.  Try to think of something out of the box which will differentiate you from other candidates. Show if you can add more value by your creativity like your extra knowledge, presentation power, writing skill. Don’t praise yourself too much. Give live examples to prove your creativity.

“Your works have a better impact than your words.”

10th Step: Be on time, neatly groomed, dress formally

We all know about the stress hormones rushing into our bodies before the interviews. So, being on time helps you to be relaxed and settle down. Never underestimate the power of punctuality. Your grooming should be very good. It shows how much you have invested in yourself. Wear the right color formal, add mild fragrance, and maintain a composed body posture.

11th Step: Prepare some common questions related to Digital Marketing

There are some basic common questions for a Digital Marketing interview that you need to prepare before going. They are –

  • What is Digital Marketing? What is the difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing?
  • What are SEO, SEM, and PPC?
  • How to get more traffic to your website?
  • What is Quality Index?
  • What is a Local listing?
  • How to convert leads into Customers digitally?
  • What is Social Media Marketing?
12th Step: Add positivity while concluding the Interview

Lastly, finish the interview by thanking the Interviewer. If they give you the chance to ask about their company, ask some relevant intellectual questions like Planning, Work culture to show that you are really interested to join their organization.


These are some basic things you should remember not only in the case of a Digital Marketing Interview but also in every interview.  I hope this blog has helped you a lot to show the way you are preparing to go. Besides everything, we all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Keep this line in mind and crack the upcoming challenge by practicing more. Thank you and all the best.

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