How to boost Instagram post?

how to boost instagram post


Instagram is the 5th most used social media app in the world. Such platforms have more than 3 to 4 billion active users and Instagram is one of them with 1200 million active users.

People use this platform for their business, as an influencer, and many more. But most people don’t get attention or views on their posts.

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so,  what issue should we do to get attention to boost our Instagram post, which can help us grow?

Tips to get more attention:-

  1. Posting on regular time

It is one of the most important reasons like when to post at what time to post. Usually, people use social media apps in their free time and on holidays. The Best times to post are 11 am to 2 pm as it’s lunchtime and from 6 pm to 10 pm it’s dinner time. And consistency is also important, how often you post. The frequency of posting allows you to engage more with your followers.

  1. Quality of image

On Instagram people follow other’s to get inspiration and also ideas from other users. If your image quality is not good or blurred it will overshadow everything. No matter what you are posting what’s the content, the blurry, low-quality picture won’t stimulate people’s interest. Don’t post irrelevant and boring concepts, low-quality photos.

Post must be relevant with good quality which your follower’s like to see and share.

  1. User name

Identity also plays an important role. Your account name of Instagram allows you to attract users. What type of content you are posting on your timeline, what type of creator you are should resemble your user name.

  1. Trending content

From the last couple of years trend changes within a week. Earlier people use to follow a trend for months, years. But nowadays it lasts for 1 week or a maximum of 1 month. The same goes with social media platforms also. Instagram has introduced one new feature known as reels. Where people upload short clips like dance, makeup tutorials, artwork, and many more.

One with the best creativity gets views and likes. Then users start uploading the same content with some different ideas and that’s how it becomes trending on Instagram. The more people remakes or shares your content, the more followers or attention your account gets.

         Things you should take care of:
  1. Keep an eye on influential people you follow, what they are up to, and talking about.
  2. Understand the trends or news of platforms that can be used for making content.


  1. Publishing same content and information

Most of the users upload the same content every time which is not good or your users don’t want to see the same thing. Repetitive things start to get boring. You have to engage your followers by uploading a variety of content or posts. You can repeat it but there must be a time of around 15 to 20 days. So your content will look fresh and new to your users and will create curiosity among them, that’s what coming new.

  1. Using of tags

In recent times tags are playing a very important role on social media platforms. By using tags people get a lot of attention. If in case the tags are relatable they can start trending also. Like you are using a brand product so you can tag them, they might share your post on their Id which can lead your profile to reach a maximum number of users on the platform.

To boost your profile and attract more followers, there are some suggestions as follows:

  • Always use high-quality and clear photos and videos.
  • Take photos from a different angle, so you can have an idea that which angle photo is best and upload it.
  • The themes, effects, and colors must be different. It will attract more users.
  • Do not trim or enlarge the picture at will.
  • If the light is insufficient in the picture increase the exposure as required.
  • Picture structure is important to avoid confusion and to provide instant focus.
        7. Uploading videos

In most social media platforms, users prefer to upload pictures or photos. But sharing and uploading videos to your profile will appeal to both your potential and current followers. Making a video using a brand product. Videos are fun, creative, and more encouraging. For example, traveling pictures have less impact than traveling videos. so play a vital role in getting users to attract to your profile.

  1. Linked account

All the social media platforms are interlinked you just have to add or link your one platform account to another one. In such a way you will be able to reach more people and sharing content of one platform on another will allow inactive and other platform users to see and catch their attention as well.

  1. Hashtag

In simple words, it’s a phrase or word followed by a # sign. It started from Twitter and is now used on all social media platforms. Hashtag plays a vital role on Instagram. Posting a picture on Instagram with a hashtag helps you to gather attention and reach. Hashtags are the new trend. On Instagram, they have a separate search engine. It also allows you to discover resemble posts with those specific topics from around the social media platforms.

Decide a goal before boosting a post like what type of audience you are looking for, what is your content. Boosting a post on Instagram will allow you to get more followers and engagement. Every aspect of a post of content plays an essential role. Reaching out to the maximum number of users you can grow your business like never before. Instagram has a mixed audience so you have to be very clear about the targeted audience.

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