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Social Media Marketing Webinar

Social Media
  • What is Social Media Marketing
  • Make Social Media Marketing Calendar
  • Tools used for Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Activities on various Platforms
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Understanding of Marketing activities
  • Preparation of Social Media Marketing Budget
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Organic and In-organic Ads on Social Media
  • Competitor’s Research
  • Tools for creating Image/Video

LinkedIn Marketing Webinar

  • Objectives & Benefits of using LinkedIn
  • How to build strong connections and profile on LinkedIn?
  • How to audit your LinkedIn profile?
  • Tools and Techniques of LinkedIn
  • How to approach connections on LinkedIn?
  • ABC of LinkedIn
  • How to generate business from LinkedIn?
  • How to find a job on LinkedIn?
  • How to generate leads with targeted audience?
  • Can freelancers get business from LinkedIn?
  • Can we grow business and connection on LinkedIn?

How to Run Profitable Instagram Ads Webinar

  • Use Instagram Ads to run Profitable ads
  • Marketing objectives of Instagram Ads
  • The target audience for the product and services
  • Target Audience Finding Tools
  • Spy on Competitor
  • Instagram ads copy rules and tips
  • Instagram ads structure & how to run ads
  • Create a custom audience to help you in targeting
  • Tracking of your audience & Build a Custom audience
  • Lead generation Ads and collect information
  • Optimize Instagram Ads and generate a good ROI

How to Run Profitable Facebook Ads Webinar

  • Facebook Business Manager & use for running successful ads
  • Marketing objectives of Facebook Ads
  • The target audience for the product and services
  • Target Audience Finding Tools
  • Spy on Competitor with ads spy tools
  • Facebook ads copy rules and tips
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Facebook ads structure process
  • Create a custom audience for targeting
  • Facebook Pixel for Remarketing & Conversion tracking
  • Lead generation Ads & Optimize Facebook Ads

Free Google Ads Webinar

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • What is PPC ads
  • How to rank your ads on Google
  • What is a quality score
  • How Google Ad auction works
  • What is an extension and why they are important?
  • Ad Writing strategy
  • Different types of Google Ads
  • Landing page optimization with page layout and design
  • Different bidding methods
  • How to run profitable Google Ads