10 Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses

10 sm hack foe small businesses


Every small business owner must have thought of having a digital presence to amplify their business but with growing ways to go digital, many of you must have got confused.

A small business is a regular business that is small in operations. Some limited employees perform every task right from production to packaging and advertising and promotion. These businesses are on the stage of growth and that is why it is important to have a proper digital presence for them.

Nowadays social media is crucial for people, we all spend a good amount of time on these platforms for interacting, for entertainment, to be updated, and also to browse and see new things. Nowadays, instead of buying from big companies, consumers are contacting small business owners who provide customized products to them. Having content related to your business on social media platforms will help you to reach a large audience effectively.

Social media presence helps the owner to increase website traffic, generate new leads, boost their sales, and widen their target audience, and much more. Often, they can see the work of their competitor and have healthy competition. Using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn often helps as an advertising tool resulting in reduced marketing expenditure.

But like every coin has two sides, there are certain requirements which are needed to be fulfilled. Only having accounts on social media platforms is not enough, you have to be active, update your followers, interact with your audience, and answer their queries on time. Also, with increasing competition, there are already large numbers of such businesses in the market and to stand out from them you require to work a little harder and understand the working of social media a little more.

Don’t you little entrepreneurs worry, I have your back for bringing ineffective hacks to dominate social media and to reach a wider audience effectively.

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Below mentioned are the top 10 social media hacks for every small business out there –

Be consistent with your page

consistency is the key, when it comes to social media it is of utmost importance to be consistent. To be honest, who will follow or look after a page if they rarely post anything.  Posting original and relevant content from your side will attract customers organically. Irregularity in posting will result in a loss of interest of your audience in your content.

Try to plan your post, use different ways to promote your business. Try using filters, videos, campaigns, etc. Various trends are going on in the market. Follow the trend and modify it according to your business.

Social media platform often gives a boost to viral trends going on platform, try hopping on such trends and recreate according to your content.

Collaborate with small influencers

Influencers have great connections with their followers, they are always recommending different products from various brands to their followers.

There are influencers with millions of followers and some with thousands of followers who are still growing. Collaborating with influencers will make a large chunk of people aware of your business and provide you with hot leads.

In the beginning, try collaborating with small influencers this will help your business to reach a new audience with minimum cost. This hack is effective as with the growing use of the internet people are following many influencers. Influencers are often seen recommending products and a huge part of the audience tries and purchases them. If a bunch of people tried and liked your product, they may convert themselves into long-time consumers.

Don’t ignore your followers

Followers are a key area for growth. Doesn’t matter how less or how more your followers are, always be in touch with them. Update them, reply to their comments, know their preferences, get their feedback, and answer their questions. Interact with your audience, ask questions, use polls, organize a fun contest to keep them connected for a long duration.

Be quick with your services. Be it online or offline services, customer satisfaction is always important. Following all such practices will build the trust in customers towards your brand and will ultimately benefit your small business.

The key benefit of being a small business owner is the ability to have a personal touch with consumers. Huge businesses like Amazon can’t contact their consumers personally.  But as a small business owner, you can focus on consumer feedback and consumer satisfaction more.

Start participating in S4S

S4S stands for share or shoutout for shoutout. This hack is useful on every platform and costs 0 to businesses. You can use this hack with similar small businesses or with businesses dealing in complementary products. A key factor of this hack is that both businesses get the advantage of each other’s account reach.

You need to make sure, the account you’re selecting for this hack is aligning with your business. Their audience must relate to your account in some or another way.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are the way of promoting your content for free. Use as many hashtags as you can to widen your reach. The reason this hack is successful is that hashtags categorize similar content together and thus making it more visible to relevant and target audiences. But while using them, don’t opt for common ones like “summer”, “viral” instead focus on something called “niche hashtags”.

Niche hashtags are nothing but using hashtags relevant and relatable to your content.

For example instead of using “small business” use “small business Ahmedabad” or instead of “DIY” use “customized DIY”. This practice will increase your reach among your target audience.

Schedule post

Scheduling post means planning and create content in advance and schedule them in advance. Posting consistently is important and to assure that you can now schedule your post well before in advance. Not only it will save your time but also it reduces the stress of posting.

Being an owner of a small business, you have other key areas to focus on, by scheduling and planning in advance you can spare more time on more important activities be it production, sales, or storage of raw material, etc. Multiple apps allow you to schedule your account and help you to post fresh content consistently.

Start engaging with people

When it comes to social media, engagement results in engagement. Search for accounts related to your business and interact and engage with them. This hack will give your account more exposure and will reach an audience who are interested in what you’re offering. Genuine and meaningful engagement takes time and effort but on the same side is very useful for growing organically.

You can also think of collaborating with such similar accounts, think of running a contest together, organizing a partnership giveaway in which you can ask participants to tag their friends or share your post. Such activities increase your visibility on the platform and can be done once in a while to widen your reach.

Pay Attention to Analytics

Analytics is nothing but data derived from the analysis of data and stats. Take some time out to observe analytics. Data that can be acquired through analytics –

  • You can see which post is more loved by your audience and then you can try to create content similar to that domain.
  • You’ll also get to know at which time most of your followers are active on social media platforms.
  • You can get demographic details of your followers like their average age group, gender, and the location they belong to.

Obtaining such information will give you a clear understanding of what your audience likes to watch on your page and will help to create quality content that interests your followers. For example, people with age in 20s will engage entertaining n content and as well as information giving or helpful to them in some way.


Many small businesses have a mindset that advertising your content on social media costs many bucks which is a myth. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow the user to decide their budget. You can start with a low budget and also limit your advertising area to a specific niche. The platform will show ads according to your choice and our budget.

For example, if you want to sell your product in Ahmedabad, you can opt. to run ads in you near about. The app will promote your business to people interested in your business residing near you.

These ads help to get more audience to your page and such audiences are genuinely interested in your product.

Grow your E-Mail Marketing List

Email is a professional platform where businesses and customers interact on a professional level. Start writing emails to your customers which can include asking them for their feedback, thank them for purchasing from you, etc.

You can also approach a new consumer by giving them details and informing them about your business, your services, your product through the mail and get new hot leads. Start with mailing five new consumers daily and according to the response slowly increase the quantity to increase the impact of your brand on your audience. Via mail you can share a link of your social media presence so that they can get more detailed information about you and your business.

Conclusion – 

Social media is a big space. There are millions of users and lakhs of small businesses trying to reach their audience. Growing on such platforms takes a lot of time and also requires equal efforts. You just need to identify useful tips for you and your business and use them efficiently. Apart from these major hacks some small things like the best time to post, the theme of your content, etc must be kept in mind.

After reading all the mentioned hacks, you now must have a better understanding of how social media works. Not all hacks will work for you. You may need to evaluate it, modify it and also change it according to your needs because different practices work for different businesses, some get recognized by following a trend while some due to their unique content while some with their exceptional marketing skills. By practicing above mentioned hacks you can get wide recognition on your platform and within a certain period, your followers will start following and engaging with your business. Happy posting!

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