10 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools that will Increase your Engagement

Hidden Marketing FB Marketing Tools


Any action taken on your Facebook Page or one of your posts is considered Facebook Engagement.

Reactions including likes, comments, and shares are the most popular examples, but they can also comprise saves, watching a video, or clicking on a link.

Did you realize that Facebook has over 2.1 billion monthly active users worldwide? It is a massive social networking platform that is rapidly expanding in popularity. Brands and marketers recognize Facebook’s potential, and it has long been their favorite platform.

Learn how to use these functions more effectively, and you will save time, gain more likes, and increase your ROI. With your brand-new strategies, you’ll be breaking the internet. Some of the hidden tools I’ll discuss are already available on Facebook, you are just not aware of them.

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Let us discuss the tools of Facebook Marketing:

Messenger Drip Campaigns-

Drip campaigns are used by marketers to:

  • Greet and onboard the consumers.
  • Retain leads interested in the brand.
  • Stimulate the utilization of advanced solutions.
  • Use automation to converse at a large scale.

Drip campaigns are taken to the next level with Facebook Messenger’s better open rates and engagement. Plus, it’s so simple to implement using MobileMonkey’s free chatbot!

simple steps to launch a mobile drip campaign:

For the campaign, create chat pages- Begin your Facebook Messenger drip campaigns by creating content, just as you would with email drip campaigns. Every element of campaign content is a page created using the wizzywig drag-and-drop chatbot editor. Here’s a page that greets new members of the Agency customer group, for example. Show them where they can find more fantastic information with a text widget, possibly an image, GIF, or video.

  • Any of your factors can be used to determine your audience- It’s easy to build an audience. Select the trait from which you’d like to create an audience segment, then save!
  • Make a drip timeline- From simple drop-down menus, select your target demographic, content, and delivery schedule.

Click-to- Ads-

Messenger advertising can display in the same places as other types of Facebook ads, such as News Feeds, columns, Stories, and even Instagram. Whenever a user hits the ad, they will be taken from the Facebook or Instagram apps to the Messenger app. They’ll be taken directly to a discussion with your business, which your bot would begin immediately.

This type of ad is available across all of Facebook’s apps and services. Some examples of probable places are:

  • Instagram stream of recent posts
  • Instagram tales Facebook newsfeed
  • Stories on Facebook
  • Stories about messengers.

Businesses can utilize advertisements that click to Messenger to initiate discussions at scale, employing Facebook targeting to reach people who are suited to their product or service. Whether the aim is to increase prospects, build brand or product recognition, or boost sales, businesses can adapt Messenger conversations to match their individual need.

Messenger Scan Code-

Facebook QR Codes are now more prevalent than before, especially given the exceptional times we live in. A Facebook Messenger QR Code is ideal for businesses like yours who want to make life simpler for clients to access Facebook Messenger through a smartphone with a simple scan. Of course, the app is by far the most common way to utilize Facebook Messenger.

So, after scanning the QR Code, customers are used to the app, facilitating accessibility to your Facebook Messenger even from print outlets. Overall, instantaneous messaging has substantial benefits for brand perception because consumer problems are resolved swiftly and do not result in negative reviews.

Facebook is also one of the most prominent social media platforms for marketing around the globe. As a result, nearly every business can utilize Facebook Messenger to successfully and conveniently interact with clients across borders and time.

Conversion monitoring on Facebook-

It is critical to your performance as an advertiser. Conversion monitoring is more than just calculating your return on investment (ROI) through the Facebook ad network. It genuinely aids in increasing the money generated by your Facebook adverts.

  • It helps you to calculate the return on your investment- Facebook conversion monitoring allows you to see just how many converters you’ve obtained, whether they’ll be registration (email subscribers), sales, forms completions, or whatever your ad campaigns are accountable for.
  • It enables Facebook to improve its algorithm to provide you with better results. The algorithm is intelligent. It watches who converts on your adverts and uses that information to dynamically target more people who are similar to them. That is, when you have more conversions, Facebook understands more about the people who tend to engage and shows your advertising to a greater number of such people. You’re skipping out on this benefit if you don’t have Facebook conversion tracking with you.

A chat widget-

It is a small box that is placed on the edge of your website. A chat widget allows site visitors to get incredibly quick and quick support, making it easier for them to communicate with your company.

According to a recent study, more than half of all buyers would rather talk online with such a firm than use other choices such as email, phone assistance, or social media. This is because, unlike other platforms, chat widgets allow visitors to contact a company whenever they have a query and receive an immediate response. Chat widgets can also be designed with various objectives in mind, all operating from the same, readily available window.

You can use a live chat widget to enable users to reach out for assistance across your entire website, rather than searching for a way of contacting you and then waiting for a delay in responding. Track consumer activities across your website to quickly determine where customers are having problems and provide proactive support. Turn window shoppers into purchasers by tracking typical areas of website bouncing or cart departure and delivering purchase incentives. Publish FAQs so that users may immediately obtain answers without exiting the page.

Get Phone Numbers-

Facebook is continually uploading your contacts to your account so that you can interact with them. So, if you want to see somebody on your address book is on Facebook, just follow the steps below.

  • First and foremost, you must install Facebook Messenger.
  • Then sign in with your Fb account to Messenger.
  • Click on your profile image, which may be found in the upper left corner.
  • Then scroll to the bottom until you see “people” as an option.
  • Hit it and then select Manage Contacts.

You may now see all of the contact info that Facebook has ever posted from your contacts list. You can now quickly locate the phone number you were seeking for.

Get Email Address-

Having met somebody on Facebook and now need their email address to contact them outside the social media network. Getting somebody’s email address on Facebook might be difficult. There seem to be numerous reasons why you might wish to obtain someone else’s email address on Facebook, but this is not always straightforward. There are a few options for contacting your new acquaintance.

Method 1-

This may sound cliched, but the first step is to look at the user’s Facebook profile for an email address.

Step 1: Just go into the Facebook profile of the user whose email address you’re looking for.

Step 2: On the Profile Page, navigate to the “About” section.

Step 3: Find the email address.

Method 2-

Make use of the “Facebook Find Person” feature.

Facebook has these capabilities that allow you to hunt for people on Facebook. It can also be used to retrieve your own Facebook account.

However, you can use this tool to seek up the user’s email address by following the steps below.

Step 1: Go to https://www.facebook.com/public/Find-Person/.

Step 2: Look up the name of the person you’re looking for.

Step 3: Copy the person’s username from the URL.

Step 4: On the login screen, click the forgot password link.

Step 5: Paste the copied username into the username field.

Step 6: Facebook will prompt you to confirm your email address and will also display the email address.

Step 7: There is no need to proceed. Done. You obtained the email address from Facebook.

Facebook Audience Insights-

It provides consolidated data on two categories of people individuals linked to your Page and people on Facebook. so, you can develop relevant content and simply locate new folk in your present audience. Assume you want to promote your women’s premium fashion company and sell your products in-store. You can obtain collective and anonymized statistics from Audience Insights, such as:

  • Synopsis of demographics- Explore age and gender breakdowns, educational backgrounds, job descriptions, relationship statuses, and more.
  • Discover everything people are interested in Discover folk’s hobbies and interests.
  • Discover lifestyles- Audience Insights blends relationship status and location to inform you about just the types of individuals that are interested in your brand.

The Ad Library

It is indeed a location where you can browse for ads that are currently running around Facebook Products. You can use this to learn more about the advertisements you see. You may browse for advertisements that are ongoing on Facebook Products for all types of ads.

You may also browse dormant advertisements for ads about causes, politics, or government.  Integrity is important to us to avoid election meddling, thus the Ad Library also displays additional context about this advertising, such as who paid the ad, an estimate as to how much they invested, and the ad’s reach over several segments.

Advertising Manager

It is the place to begin whether you want to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or social network. It’s a one-stop-shop for producing advertising, scheduling where and when they’ll appear, and measuring how well your efforts are working. You can monitor your campaign while on the road with the Ads Manager app for iOS and Android. You’ll be able to develop and edit commercials, measure their success, and control ad budgets and schedules from wherever you are. Create all-new advertisements.

  • Choose campaign variables, such as a promotional target, based on your company’s objectives. You may also handle the innovative process by uploading ad creative, writing ad copy, and reviewing how your ads appear on different platforms.
  • Select your intended audience.
  • Know your target audience to improve ad targeting. You can make your target audience as large or as narrow as you like.
  • Create and manage your advertising expenditures.
  • Create an entire budget for your campaigns and decide whether it pertains to them every day or to the full lifetime of the campaign.


Now, you can increase engagements by not wasting dollars in marketing. Hidden Facebook marketing tools have come up with solutions that will take your business to the next step. Sometimes ingredients are in our home kitchen but we don’t look for them. In the same way, we have hidden smart tools of Facebook but we don’t pay heed to them. I hope this information helped you to know the hidden marketing tools of Facebook, and now you will be able to do your marketing more efficiently and effectively and get better outcomes.

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