Top 10 Lead Generation Tools in 2023

top lead generation tools in 2023


Lead generation is the process of gathering consumer’s attention to your product and services and then converting them into potential buyers. Lead can be generated by various methods such as customer feedback, exploring customer contacts. It can be done by targeting the sales, marketing, and/or customer relationship department. Irrespective of your method, the ultimate result is to increase the sales of your product/service.

Attracting website visitors s getting hard with every passing day, you have to be unique in case to stand out like –

  • Bring more informational, valuable content to your website
  • Focus on organic traffic.
  • Optimize and strategize the lead generation process for your business.

Also, the tool can help you frame your customer strategy and focus on delivering what your customers need without having to paid advertising just to get their attention.

Need of Lead Generation Tool 

Generating lead is an important process for any business and a perfect lead generation tool for your business will capture potential consumer without giving you the headache of coding. The tool will also increase your website traffic and which will eventually lead to more organic customers.

Let’s know the basic terms of lead generation first,

MQL – MQL is marketing qualified lead and it consists of lead which is expected to be converted in customer and thus they are treated with direct business offers and other sales-ready strategies.

SQL- SQL is sales qualified lead, this means the sales team has already qualified it as a customer. SQL comes under buying cycle whereas MQL is not at buying stage yet.

According to reports, most medium and large companies face difficulties in the lead generation process. However, a lead generation tool helps the business to achieve their goals relatively faster.

Factors to be considered before selecting a lead generation tool –

  • Identify the sales target and needs of your business.
  • Analyze the function and working of different tools.
  • Check flexibility (i.e customization) of the tool.
  • Analyze full lead generation process.
  • Verify the ease in usage of the tool to gain maximum benefits.

Selecting between free and paid tools is often a frequently asked question. However, the services provided by the free and paid tool are different. Free tools provide limited services which may not be enough to achieve your business goals, on the other hand, the paid tool allows you to customize service and select a plan which is best suited for your business.

Considering all the relevant factors, we have come up with top tools for you guys. You can choose which tool is best for you and soon your business will overflow with leads and sales. This blog will make selecting a lead generation tool easier for you.

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Top 10 Lead Generation Tools

Constant Contact 

Constant content is a team of professionals who help small businesses generate new and organic leads. They provide services such as generating websites, e-mail marketing, and constant contact analytical tools to quickly identify and jump on trends. Its salient features are that it lets you integrate sign-up forms on your website, fans can join your list through the Facebook app, and can even encourage event sign-ups through tablets. Various well-known brands that trust Constant Content with their services are UBER, Sport Check, and The Brick. They also provide a first-month free trial and then the amount is charged accordingly.

Hub Spot 

Hub spot has a marketing hub. The marketing hub will make sure that all your data and marketing tools are easy to use and provide personalized and professional service. It provides the customer with four different options to choose from starting with free, starter, professional, and enterprise. Some of the well-known customers of Hub spot are Frontify, Loom, Survey Monkey.

It’s perfect for SMBs that are looking to scale and don’t want to enter into CRM software and its associated challenges.

Pricing – $45/month for starter, $800/month for professional, and $3200/month for the enterprise.

Option Monster 

Option Monster is a very powerful tool if you want to increase email marketing, grow your website traffic organically. The tool also provides an option of refund payment within 14 days. The deal is simple, purchase the tool and if doesn’t work up to your satisfaction then you can claim a refund within 14 days.

Option Monster allows you to create eye-catching pop-ups to gain user’s attention. Also, it comes with prebuilt templates for you to choose from. Well-known customers of Option Monster are Pinterest, Capterra Patreon.

The price starts from $9 for a basic, $19 for plus, $29 for pro, and $49 for growth. Customers can choose from the above four options according to his/her requirement.

Trust Pulse 

Trust Pulse believes in growing business through honest marketing. Services provided by this tool are purchase notifications, visitor activity, easy customization, action messages, etc. also, Trust Pulse guarantees an immediate boost in every conversion behavior, provides 14 days risk money-back guarantee. The tool works on many popular platforms such as Shopify, Blogger, Weebly, etc. The tool is easy to use, still if help is needed the team is present to help their customers. You can get real help from an expert in the area.

Pricing criteria – $5 for a basic, $10 for plus, $19 for pro, $39 for growth.


Sendinblue manages to provide two of the most important services – email marketing and SMS marketing together. Also, the tool believes in utmost customer satisfaction and thus provides services like CRM, marketing automation, segmentation, and ease customization according to your requirements. Sendinblue guarantees your business data security and privacy. The tools deals with 175000 users in 160+ countries, sends 100 millions of email every day and have 10 years of expertise. Popular customers of Sendinblue are Marcel, Front line, Haribo.

Pricing criteria – different options to choose from are free tools with limited services, Lite for Rs1510/month, the premium for Rs3895.5/month, and enterprise for marketers who need more services.

Hello Bar 

It is the software that increases your website traffic. Hello, bar knows that 98% of visitors on website leaves without taking any action, it will stop them from leaving with its services and will make them take actions which you want. Its salient features are sending traffic to a landing page and increase social followers and likes

The pricing for the tool is $4.95 per month for 100 click-throughs, $12.95 for 500 click-throughs every month, and $29.95 for 2500 click-throughs per month.


Unbounce is used for creating lead-generating landing pages. You can use85+ templates that are even phone-responsive. Drag and drop builder makes your work much easier and also you can customize pre-built templates or even start from scratch. There is already a bunch of expert communities present to make sure customer satisfaction from the services.

Over 15,000 brands including Hoot suite, Vimeo, Campaign Monitor, etc. are already using it!

Price – launch at $64/month, optimize at $96/month, accelerate at $160/month, and scale at $240/month.

Seed Prod

Seed Prod is the best landing page builder in the business. It allows you to use the drag and drop feature with 0 codings required. It provides spam protection to avoid ineffective leads. It even allows you to create pages that are responsive and mobile-ready which means your page is visible on any and every device. You don’t need to design your page, as Seed Prod also provides professionally designed with beautiful layouts to make your work easy. Seed Prod enables you to create sales pages, squeeze pages, coming soon [ages, launching pages, and under construction pages for your website.

Price – basic for $39.50/year, plus for $99.50/year, pro for $199.50/year, and Elite Bundle for $239.60/year.

Wise Pops 

Wise pops believes in turning pop-ups into something that your visitors find useful. The tool provides services like Email, Surveys, Phone number acquisition, Spin to win and more so you can meet all your marketing needs. Also, the tool helps in advanced targeting, email integration, multiple layouts, exit intent, detailed analytics. Wise pops offers the ability to activate multiple campaigns at the same time, target visitors according to their location and browser, and you can even craft dedicated messages for new customers and returning ones. Popular brands including Unilever, Greenpeace, and Vans trust Wisepops with their services.

Pricing criteria – various pricing options were $29/month, $49/month, $99/month, $149/month, and $249/month.


Drift allows you to frame the live chat option. Website visitors are crucial and sometimes they don’t want to get engage in filing forms or signing in but the live chat option makes it easier for them to gain information about you and your business. Companies like the snowflake, skill soft, A Droll already trust drift. The tool even allows you to record meetings for the sales team, schedules sessions to not miss out on any lead.

The tool provides you with three options to choose from starting from premium, advanced, and enterprise.


It’s highly recommended from our side to leave the headache of generating leads to such tools. Analyze, realize and choose wisely your lead generation tool as it will change the position of your business. It is often observed that a combination of several tools and proper execution strategy from your side will get you desired results for your business. For example- you can select Hubspot for your main work and simultaneously use the Hello bar to enjoy some extra features. We hope that reading this blog till the very end came useful to you. Thank you and all the best for your future ventures.

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