What is Facebook Pixel Code and How To Do Facebook Remarketing Using Facebook Pixel Code?



The Facebook pixel course is a piece, of course, that helps collect data and optimize Facebook ads, and build a target audience for your future ads. Facebook pixel uses cookies to take track their audience’s activities on various social media platforms.

Pixel works automatically – The best part of working via and with Facebook pixel is it requires zero or minimum manual work. After applying Facebook pixel, audiences will be automatically updated.

For example, you’re searching for a good bean bag for your new home and you made a few Google searches for the same. Next, you’ll notice ads from a bean bag seller on your Instagram and Facebook. This is what we called retargeting. A way by which marketers grab the attention of buyers is by placing the right ads in front of the right audience and at right time.

Despite the growth of other social media platforms Facebook still has a lot of scope for creating a digital marketing presence, the reason for that is its large customer base. Nowadays, people from almost all age groups are on Facebook. Facebook pixel doesn’t only perform the function of retargeting but also tracking, analytics, and overall optimization.

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Benefits of installing Facebook Pixel

If you’re opting for Facebook pixel i.e. if you’re opting to target a specific audience, you should be aware of its benefits. And, some of them are mentioned below –

Increase the ROI on your ads

Facebook pixel makes sure that your ads are directed to the required audience, who are expected to take the desired action that will eventually result in an increased rate of return (ROI).  The pixel collects the data from your website and uses that as analytics at the time of ads promotion.

This is the most important benefit of the Facebook pixel, to make maximum use of your paid campaigns. Specific strategies will help you to gain maximum benefits, especially when you’ve invested a huge amount for the same.

Identify lookalike audience

As mentioned earlier, Facebook pixel collects the important data from your website and uses that to identify similar new customers. Customers that have the same likes dislikes, and fall under the same category (profession, demographic location, age group) are expected to be inclined to your website. This activity comes in handy to increase the sales turnover of your product and/or service.

Facebook retargeting

Facebook pixel helps in identifying the audience who has already visited your website with incomplete action. For example, someone who had added the product to the cart but not confirmed it or has added it to the wish list. Facebook pixel targets such an audience and shows the ads to such a group.

Abandoned digital carts are the real problem of almost all websites. Imagine all the customers confirmed the pending orders in their carts; this will result in a boost in sales. That is what, Facebook pixel tries to do.

Keeps your product fresh

Such Facebook ads help to keep your product and website fresh in your audience’s mind. With the help of specific ads, you can reach the audience who browsed on your website but didn’t order anything. By doing this, you might be successful in redirecting a customer from your competitor to your website.

Short Brief on setting up Facebook Pixel 

Step 1 

Create a Facebook pixel – In your Facebook account, under the event manager section activate the Facebook pixel by naming your pixel and entering your website’s URL.

Step 2 

Add the pixel to your website – To allow the pixel to gather information from your website, you’re required to connect your Facebook pixel to your website.

Step 3

Add the pixel notice to your website – After confirming the working of your pixel, make sure to notify the visitors of your website about your collection of data activity. Your audience must be aware and be okay with you collecting their data.

Best Facebook Remarketing Practices 

Find new customers –

Finding new and relevant customers is a task nowadays. But, Facebook pixel makes it easier for you. Facebook pixel studies your current audience and finds the new one for you with similar tastes and preferences.

Create strategic ad schedules –

Running ads without the proper strategy will not lead to any effective result instead will prove to be a waste of resources. Ads should be designed, planned, and put into action based on your aim and goal. For example, you want to announce a Friday sale in your locality by the means of ads. You must run ads continuously to gain popularity. Facebook pixel provides various facilities like schedule time/duration, no. of ads, etc. to make your ads more effective.

Facebook targeting option –

Let’s assume your target audience for remarketing is very large. And you’ve got a limited budget for the same. You’ll have two options, the first is to spend a lower amount on a large audience and the second is to spend a low amount on a limited audience. Spending a small amount on a small group will be more effective compared to the first option. And, Facebook targeting options will help you in the same. The options will help you in managing and limiting the audience according to your budget and other factors like demographic location, age group to get maximum clicks on your ads.

Target people who have already visited your page –

connecting with your old audience is important to your business. Many customers add the product of your website to their wish list or even to their shopping cart only to leave it afterward. Targeting such an audience will remind the audience about your website and help your business to regenerate the leads for your business.

Make sure your ads are relevant –

Every consumer has different needs, requirements, expectations, etc. It is not practically possible to create ads that are liked by everyone. But, it is necessary and important to create and promote ads that are relevant to most of your target group. Your audience should be able to identify the need the product fulfills and should indirectly provoke them to make buying decisions.

keep time in mind-

Timing is everything. As mentioned earlier, Facebook pixel helps in keeping your product/service fresh in the customer’s mind. Timings for your ads campaigns are customizable and should be set according to your targeted customer group.

The above-mentioned were some of the best Facebook remarketing practices. If you as a business or service provider are spending your monetary resources for the paid campaigns, a little research on such practices and their application would be fruitful for you and your business.

Conclusion – 

To add, for getting the most out of Facebook pixel try refining your audience first and schedule the ads accordingly. The general myth people have for Facebook is that it is outdated which is so not true. For so many past years, Facebook is dominating the market of social media platforms. Due to its ease of use feature, it is widely accepted by all generations and that is why it is important to have a digital presence on Facebook.

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools Facebook has to offer is the ability to serve personalized ads to a list of contacts you’ve already acquired. With customer lists, Facebook ads become more like email marketing by targeting specific people with personalized messages. Whether it is email addresses, phone numbers, or even Facebook user IDs, you can pull a list of contacts from your CRM or wherever your customer data is stored, upload it directly to Facebook, and target people with ads that are relevant to where they are within your sales funnel.

I hope the detailed article on Facebook pixel and remarketing came useful to you. If you’re someone not aware of it, I’ll suggest starting implementing pixel after reading the guide and if you’re already practicing the same, refer to the best practices of Facebook remarketing for better and best results. Keep creating and posting content!



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