Different Types of Email Marketing Methods

different types of email marketing methods


For a long time, email has become a form of communication over 40 years. As the years have passed by, we have entered the world of digital communication. The email has turned into one of our preferable choices of communication.

Starting from replying to an email, forwarding, clicking through to something different site which is embedded in the email, buying something, signing up, Email is everywhere. More than 300 billion emails are sent daily and the figure is expected to turn into 350 billion at the end of 2023.

In the era of 2022, marketers fight to grab the attention of their customers on the different online platforms. So, why should they leave the chance of reaching their customers through email?

Email marketing is one of the highly efficient and effective digital marketing strategies through which a marketer sends emails to their prospects and customers. An effective marketing email can turn their prospects into customers and convert one-time buyers into raving and loyal fans.

In today’s scenario, we are very dependent on email marketing.

Yes, we can’t deny that some of those feel spammy, but we have to accept the deep impact of a well-crafted email you are sending to your customers.

But you have to remember one thing.

Nowadays people are interrupted with lots of pitches advertisements everywhere they look. So, you may think that your email is very special, but it’s one in a million in the inbox of the reader. You should not be sounded too desperate to sell your product. There should be a proper manner and behavior at all times while sending an email.

Now, if you have already decided to run an email marketing campaign, you should know the types of email marketing from the ground up.

At first, we will talk about the importance of email marketing. Then we will know about different types of email marketing.

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Why Email Marketing?

A strong strategy of Email marketing helps a business to grow, to each and connect to their target customers in a very personalized manner, and increase with a very affordable cost. It is the tool that provides the ability to reach potential customers most easily.

Let’s know-how specifically email marketing can help a business grow.

  • It shows how to stay in contact with the target audiences. You can have people signing up to your email list and already made a real commitment to receive further notes from you.
  • More than 55 emails are opened daily on a mobile device. So, a well-designed email can reach the customer in real-time.
  • Everybody loves the email sign popping up in their device notification. It may be the new fashion trends, new jewelry design, new cosmetics, new Amazon, and Flipkart offer. People engage more with emails.
  • The most attractive feature of email marketing is its expenses. Your business can reach a large number of your target customers one at a time for less than pennies per email.
  • It’s very easy to measure your growth track in email marketing. Starting from delivery date, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, open rates, and bounce rates; everything is measurable through the email marketing tools you are using.
  • There is also a new term called email lead marketing. You can target different customers with lead nurtured content like the people who are into consideration stage, a few of them are at the research and compare stage, and the rest are may be ready to be your customer. You can identify this different buyer persona through email marketing.
  • Social media marketing is not the only way to aware your customers of your brand. They might get distracted there by other content while scrolling. But, Email marketing always stays top of mind. It’s one of the best weapons to make brand differentiation and spread awareness in a world full of competitors.

Now, I think you understood why you should start an email marketing campaign for your business. Let’s go one step further.

We will now dig deeper into the different types of email marketing.

Welcome Emails:

Initial contacts, in the very first stage, cannot turn a lead into a potential customer. That’s why nurturing the relationship with your target people is the most important stage. Research has shown that more than 60% of leads are qualified but not ready to buy. Here comes the necessity of a welcome email.

Welcome emails are the offering of personal touch and introducing your organization without going for a sales pitch directly. You should not introduce a new product or a completely new service without building a proper relationship with your target customers.

  • Advantages: 

If you give your customers positive experiences by building a warm relationship at first, the chances of their responses to your future emails will be high. Research has shown that open rates and click-through rates are very high in welcome mails.

You know right? “First impression matters”.

  • Disadvantages:

But, if you can’t make the first impression engaging and trustworthy, you are going to lose the customer almost forever. So, the risk rate is very high.

Email Newsletters:

Email Newsletters are great tools for educating your potential customers and showcasing company passion, projects, employee profiles, and interesting relevant graphics. Lots of businesses use email newsletters for the foundation of the email marketing campaign to stay top of mind.

The goal of the Email Newsletters is to become the first brand whenever they are thinking to go for a particular product or service in the market.

  • Advantages:

Email newsletters create actual anticipation in readers. So, make sure you are sending the most enjoyable content regularly they stay subscribed to. When you become a daily habit of your customer, you become a positive sentiment. Email newsletters will bring you more subscribers and engage them to your website to bring more traffic.

  • Disadvantages:

In an email newsletter, you provide a lot of pieces of information to your customer. Your customer will have so many contents to go through. Their attention will most likely be spread across different pieces of information they are getting from you. The newsletter needs lots of effort to design the layout. It takes more time than other forms of email marketing.

Lead Nurturing Emails:

This is the part of inbound marketing that focuses on lead timing and needs. If you are planning to run a Lead Nurturing Email, you need to explain your business persona very well. These kinds of mails are specially designed to let your target customers know about what is happening within your business. Starting from the promotion of blog posts, ebooks, webinars, and discounted offerings like marketing materials you can send using an automated system.

  • Advantages:

A business can take advantage of the dynamic between CTR and subscriber recency by nurturing lead-generating campaigns. Once you prepare the entire set of lead nurturing, the rest of the emails are sent automatically to your planning. Leads nurturing email campaign helps you to tie a series of content towards a conversion event.

  • Disadvantages:

Like other content in social media marketing, lead nurturing emails usually generate comparatively lower buzz because this kind of mails is specially designed to schedule for fewer segmented audiences only. So, as a business, you can’t expect a huge hike in traffic.

Dedicated Emails:

This is the kind of mails through which you are letting your customer know about some offers like online campaigns, hosting an event, etc. Dedicated mails are generally the introductory mails of call to action and are sent to reach out to the entire database of your email. So, Dedicated Emails are not that efficient to optimize the conversion rate and minimize unsubscribes.

  • Advantages:

As we have already mentioned, these are specially designed for call-to-action. This is the main goal. Dedicated mails are also easy to build and they are very easy to track.

  • Disadvantages:

You cannot send dedicated emails regularly like a newsletter. So, the schedules of these mails are comparatively less clear and less consistent potentially. Sometimes, the content of these kinds of emails becomes very homogenous. They always contain one message and it’s not possible to tell your customers about your other campaigns important for your organization.

Sponsorship Emails

This email campaign is the part of paid media promotion strategy. This is quite different from other kinds of email strategies to gain completely new leads and to reach completely different audiences.

Sponsorship emails help you pay to include your content in other vendors’ dedicated send or newsletter. You have to design your copy according to the specifications given by the vendor.

  • Advantages:

You can divide your target audiences into different segments with different characteristics like geographic location, interests, number of employees, challenges, etc. Once you pay the vendor, you just have to track your return on investment. It will help you to build an accurate budget report at the end of the year.

  • Disadvantages:

These kinds of emails are sent to those people who are not your direct subscribers. So you have to pay and negotiate with vendors for different payment packages to get different content in front of them. Also, the management of sponsorship mails and the long-term relationship with vendors need lots of tight controls and marketing efforts which again are time-consuming.

Transactional Emails

You perhaps have noticed that if are signing up for any online industrial webinar, you will find a form to fill out your details. After completing this stage, you will receive a thank you mail containing the link to join the webinar. This is transactional mail which is especially triggered as a result of specific action your customers have taken. Sometimes, e-commerce sends you this kind of mal to confirm your order.

  • Advantages:

There is always a high chance to let your customers complete your call-to-action. These always lead your customers to complete on the action.

  • Disadvantages:

Sometimes it creates an obstacle because it seems like jumping hoops. The idea of taking actions one after another discourages your customers from completing their previous activities.

Re-Engagement Emails

You will require re-engagement mail if you notice a big portion of your subscribed clients has started to be inactive for a long time. You need to re-engage them. For example, you can ask for feedback. If they respond, they will again be actively aware of your business and it’s always a win-win situation.

  • Advantages:

Your business can turn a loss into a win situation by engaging an inactive subscriber and making them active again. Activating your old customers is cheaper than gaining a new customer for your brand.

  •  Disadvantages:

Once, your customers are unsubscribing your account, it’s next to impossible to get them back. So, you can’t expect a positive result always by sending a re-engagement mail. Sometimes, it becomes annoying for your existing customers.

Review Requesting email:

Most people in this world make their buying decisions by having assurance from others. Getting reviews on sites like Glassdoor, G2Crowd will boost your business up and help you to expand your brand presence.

At first, send emails for getting reviews from your top happy customers and then try to add some incentives if possible to make them happier.

  • Advantages:

If you are really up to creating potential buyers, review sites are the best place to start. Besides this, a potential review site can give you more backlinks which will improve your ranking in the Google search engine.

  •  Disadvantages:

Everything has its pros and cons. Sometimes, bad reviews can make a bad impact on your reputation. So, it’s always necessary to segment your happy customers to ask for reviews from them.


Like every digital marketing campaign, email marketing is also a slow but effective process. You have to keep engaging your customers in the way that they just get excited once they receive emails from your business. There are no sharp rules and processes there. It’s always the combination of planning, analyzing data, and then strategy planning.

It’s not rocket science. You just have to know how to grab the attention of your customers from everyone in the market.

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