Adzooma – A Free PPC tool for your Digital Marketing Campaigns

adzooma a free ppc tool for dm campaigns


What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is a digital marketing tool through which a digital marketer can keep a check on your Google ads and Facebook ads campaigns under one roof. It is one of the best tools you will ever need for gaining an advantage over your marketing spends.

Adzooma’s automation simply streamlines the painstaking tasks in the backend of your Google Ads account and allows you more time to focus on the human, high-level strategies that AI cannot achieve.

The Adzooma platform has made great steps towards making online advertising quicker, easier, and more accessible to everyone. However, many users also needed help with SEO, website design, app development, and more.

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As a result, we created the Adzooma Marketplace as a way to connect users to the providers that can deliver the services the Adzooma platform simply cannot. It also means we can offer the Adzooma platform completely free of charge while continuing to invest in making both the platform and Marketplace the absolute best they can be.

Features of Adzooma:

It’s an automation tool:

Automation of digital marketing is the trending term nowadays. Automation means automatically operated software. When this software is installed in the digital marketing tool, without any man force, it automatically operates the digitally live online campaigns. And Adzooma is one of those tools that helps the digital marketer to run the automated Google and Facebook ads. And, yes, it is the only advertising management tool you will ever need to gain the advertising success you have invested in.

Saves money: How???

Set a rule in the tool in a way that automatically pauses the campaign on reaching the spend cap. This way it helps in saving our budget. This rule-based software stops bidding on the poor-performing ads by sending the notifications to the digital marketer. This way Adzooma acts as a 24/7 automatic assistant.

Saves time, too: Wow!!!

Yes. Being a user-friendly PPC automation tool, we can go directly to a particular ad group or an ad or a keyword to see the performance rather than hovering into the Google and Facebook ads manager. We can directly see the clicks, impressions, conversions for that particular ad or the keywords. This way, you can manage and optimize your ongoing digital marketing ads in no time.

Customized Reports

We can create the custom reports campaign-wise in any desirable format ie. in texts, tables, pie charts, bar charts, videos & images. Based on the best practices and the data from your campaigns, Adzooma conducts custom-made checks and provides specific suggestions to your business. This helps to cut wasted spend and boost ROI (Return on Investment). You can visit Adzooma’s Opportunity Section to explore more.

Opportunities – As a special feature in Dashboard:

Being a core feature of Adzooma, Opportunities gets on updating constantly. With the help of the ‘Queue’ view, their interface allows us to view, sort, filter, and organize your opportunities.

With the help of this view, opportunities are grouped by category and can be sorted by their projected impact (impressions, clicks, conversions, spend, and so on).

Other than features, what else??

Opportunities of PPC Dashboard

Mobile Only Campaigns:

Adzooma also helps automate the process of creating mobile-only campaigns. This is for those campaigns which have a high potential on mobile devices.

Adzooma for low-speed landing page:

A landing page that has a low speed or poorly performing can have an adverse impact ie. it increases the bounce rate and hence the conversion rate goes down. For the retail industry the studies have been shown that due to poor landing pages, the conversion rate drops by on an average 20% for every second of delay in landing page performance.

And here, the Adzooma automation plays a role in indicating the suggestions that users can optimize their accounts immediately.

Adzooma is for whom – Let’s see

Every business can benefit from having the Adzooma dashboard. Moreover, larger organizations that run some campaign sets can be much benefited to set realistic goals across each division/department. Be it an advertising agency, a freelance digital marketer, or any organization which has digital marketing-driven strategies.

When Adzooma Dashboard helps, if 

  • One needs to improve the campaign performance but do not know-how, based on the campaign data
  • Struggling to manage the data across more than one platform
  • Difficulty to keep 24/7 checks on your budget cap and performing ads.
  • To automate the workload to allow for successful campaigns with a stronger ROI.

Why is Adzooma better than other online PPC software?

Tons of people want Social Media Advertising Software to help with better workflow capability. However, what makes Adzooma different from other Online PPC platforms. Let us explore some of the commonly trending tools.

Comparison of AdEspresso Vs Adzooma: 


Using this platform, we can manage our ads but it does not provide the multiple segmentation of the same ads. And hence, the customized report is the challenge with this tool. Moreover, AdEspresso is recommended if you are a beginner and want to start launching ads.


As a custom reporting tool, one can customize the data with their layouts and logo. Extracting the complex data can be organized in a professional way for the clients or end-user.

Comparison of Wordstream Vs Adzooma:


It has Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Instagram Ads functionality.


Including the above features, Adzooma has the special features of Opportunities and easily set-up rule-based automation that saves both time and money.

Comparison of Adroll Vs Adzooma:


It is a platform specialized for retargeting display advertising, easy to access, and helpful for beginners. AdRoll is a great choice for companies who can’t develop their creativity. However, their interface is a little challenging in terms of optimization.


Adzooma is an automation tool, it creates, optimizes, and tracks the Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising campaign with just one click.

Benefits of using Adzooma:

  • 24/7 account monitoring
  • Full campaign monitoring
  • Intelligent reporting
  • One-click improvement
  • Personalized alerts

Adzooma Consumer size categorization

Consumers 40
Small Business (1-50 employees) 50%
Mid-size companies 8%
Enterprise (> 500 employees) 2%

Adzooma Pricing:

  • The free trial is available
  • Entry-level set up is free
  • Premium consulting services are not available
  • Integration services are not available
  • Prices are based on combined monthly Google Ads and Facebook Ads spend. And there are no long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime.
Package Amount in (dollars)



$19 Per user/month -up to $1000 a month on ad spend

Advance Pilot


Per user/month -up to $10,000 a month on ad spend

Rocket Pilot $99

Per-user/month -up to $100,000 a month on ad spend

The Adzooma platform is designed to work for businesses of all sizes. That’s why anyone can sign up and get full access completely free of charge. However, for agencies and SaaS, we provide the option to add-on the Adzooma Marketplace.

This one-stop-shop allows businesses unlimited access to products and services that can help them grow faster. By creating a listing, businesses can get their company in front of thousands of targeted potential customers.

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