7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing



All B2B marketers understand the potential of Advanced LinkedIn techniques and why it is still the most popular networking platform for all professionals.

The secret to nailing the perfect LinkedIn approach will be disclosed later in this blog, so keep reading if you want to receive the most leads from your LinkedIn profile.

There is much more to LinkedIn than merely creating a business profile; the material you post, as well as how you engage and network with the proper people, is crucial. When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, keep in mind that, unlike Facebook, the LinkedIn audience is mature and does not react to needless or irrelevant information. Don’t try to replicate your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing techniques. LinkedIn is a professional networking tool, and you should approach it as such if you want to improve your marketing outcomes.

What Role Does Advanced LinkedIn Strategies Play in B2B Marketing?

As a marketer, you’ve probably tried every available platform to get leads, but nothing has ever worked. Every networking site and social media platform is beneficial for B2B marketing, but LinkedIn is the most reliable and productive. Businesses all over the world use LinkedIn to generate 97 percent of their leads, and it is regarded as one of the most effective lead generation sites for the B2B industry. One thing you must understand is that LinkedIn is your opportunity to get quality leads, and I will assist you with the best Advanced LinkedIn methods that will work effectively for your brand.

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Let us discuss the strategies of LinkedIn Marketing:

Consider the following seven advanced LinkedIn tactics for generating leads for B2B technology companies.

Create a lead generation page for your firm

You must be deliberate to generate leads through LinkedIn. Leads don’t just appear in your inbox. You are employed by them.

The most effective method is to convert your company or business page into a lead generation page. This is a 180-degree turn from the conventional company page, which displays basic company information and stats. After all, who reads that?

Your LinkedIn company profile serves as a conduit for LinkedIn leads to visit your organization’s official website.

Construct your company page so that it leads to a conversion action. A click-through to your website, either in the company description or in your latest changes, is the conversion activity.

  • To begin, choose an image that attracts attention or piques interest.

The header image is the first thing that catches a user’s eye. Hubspot accomplishes this with their header graphic, which promotes one of their numerous tutorials. The header graphic serves as a clear call to action for people who want to learn more about personalized marketing. It all starts with the header image. You’re looking for an answer, so the next natural step is to keep reading. The graphic catches the user’s eye and makes them want to learn more about how to get their hands on the guide.

  • Second, in your company description, make a clear and convincing pitch.

This is where many businesses fail. The company description should not be a dry account of how much your firm has grown and how many offices you’ve opened. That’s not how lead generation works. Instead, you should address your target audience directly and ask them to convert. Because LinkedIn only shows the first two lines of your company description, they are the most crucial. The user must click “see more” to read the rest of the description. If you don’t hook the user with the first couple of sentences, they won’t read the rest of the text you wrote.

  • Third, make the section “Recent Updates” clickable and conversion-oriented.

You want to get them in the Updates in case prospects don’t click through to the company information area of your website. You’ll have an active and engaging feed if you submit updates frequently. Posting updates that are directly addressed to your target audience is the greatest method to gain leads from this section. You can provide blog updates, links to your infographics, and other material, but keep in mind that you’re seeking for information-seekers to click through. These are the fundamental steps for improving a company page. If you work in a broad-appealing business, you’ll probably get a lot of leads from this source. If you work in a very specific field, the information below will help you find the answers.

Make a page called Showcase

LinkedIn built company showcase pages to promote individual brands that are extensions of the corporation. Showcase pages are ideal for segmenting your inbound LinkedIn traffic. You can develop a Showcase page if you can create a business unit that is directly tied to a certain target audience. Showcase pages were created specifically for B2Bs to generate more leads.

According to LinkedIn, “creating a Showcase Page makes sense when you want to showcase a brand, business unit, or organizational effort.” These pages are designed to foster long-term relationships with a certain target audience.” A Showcase page should focus on a certain consumer segment and deliver content that is pertinent to them. Your Showcase page now has a larger header image, more above-the-fold update postings, and more locations to link back to your business. It differs from company pages in numerous crucial aspects in this regard. Showcase pages are merely another technique to broaden your net and obtain more targeted leads interested in your product or service.

Make use of Advanced Search

So far, I’ve discussed two inbound lead generation approaches. Now I’d like to go over how to go out and find your prospects. They may not come looking for you, but you can go looking for them. LinkedIn’s advanced search feature is a fantastic method to find the exact type of individuals you’re looking for. Advanced search is the single most effective method for directly locating targets.

Keep in mind that the larger and more diverse your network, the more likely you are to find warm possibilities. While LinkedIn’s advanced search allows you to explore the whole network, the greatest leads will come from people you already know on a first, second, or third level.

Save your searches

You’ll want to save your work after making an extremely specific and targeted search. Saved searches allow you to remain engaged in your prospecting. You are aware that generating B2B leads is not a one-time event. To keep a constant sales funnel, you must maintain consistency. Look for the “Save search” button in the upper right corner of your advanced search results. When you store a search, you may not only discover that precise search again, but you can also set up alerts. Keep in mind that you may only save three searches without upgrading your subscription.

Groups of Interest

Searching for persons is an extremely precise and granular method of finding leads. It’s a fantastic technique, but there’s another: groups. Searching for groups, joining these groups, maintaining some level of participation in these groups, and nurturing leads in this manner is a wonderful approach to uncover blocks of leads. Simply conduct a group search using relevant keywords. Although group searches may not have the same advanced options as people or corporate searches, you can filter your search by relationship level, category, and language.

Look for organizations that have the following characteristics:

  1. Extremely pertinent: The group should be a near-exact match for what you’re looking for in a target audience.
  2. Active: LinkedIn ranks groups based on their level of activity, so all you have to do is look at how active they are in the search results. Choose groups that are “very active.”
  3. Size medium: There is no such thing as an “optimal size” because it is determined by the nature of your business and niche. Remember that you don’t want to be lost in a large crowd where no one notices you. You also don’t want to join an organization with too few members to make a difference. LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups, so choose wisely.

Form a group

LinkedIn groups provide numerous options for networking. Creating your group is one approach to benefit even more from the power of groups. As you join and interact with groups, you may notice a chance for a new group to start. When you become the owner and moderator of your group, you acquire industry leadership and recognition.

To begin, navigate to the “Groups” area of the LinkedIn sidebar and click “See all.”

On the next screen, select “Create a new group.” In the popup box, you can now enter the information and details for this group. Remember to keep it focused on the user and not solely on your organization. You may create a space where your target audience can assemble and participate if you position yourself authoritatively rather than sales.

Distribute Content

LinkedIn has a robust content publishing tool that you should be utilizing if you are serious about B2B marketing. By producing high-quality content, you may shift your strategy away from outbound marketing (attracting attention through advertisements) and toward an inbound strategy that attracts consumers who are interested in what you have to offer. There are two effective methods to accomplish this: as an individual and as an organization. If you have publication access, use this platform to gain even more visibility. LinkedIn members who write say they’ve had a lot of success.

Creating more material and distributing it in more locations allows you to reach as many people, readers, and consumers as possible. If you want to increase brand awareness and engagement, you must be active on as many platforms as possible to distribute your brand over the internet. As a result, most businesses use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn in addition to their traditional websites.


This is a high-level plan that leaves plenty of flexibility for more specific strategies. LinkedIn provides numerous chances and is an excellent resource for B2B marketing. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’ll just be another time-wasting social network. Spend at least thirty minutes on LinkedIn using advanced searches or group searches, and see if you don’t find at least five prospects. Upgrading and changing your LinkedIn approach regularly is the key to LinkedIn marketing success. If a given strategy worked for you today, it may not work tomorrow. Experimenting is crucial here, and being up to date on current trends in your business can lead to a successful LinkedIn lead generation process.

So, I hope this helps you to boost your B2b marketing. Good luck!

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