Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs – 5 Benefits of Being a Freelancer

freelance digital marketing jobs 5 benefits of being a freelancer


Freelancing is spreading like a fire and after the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and opted for freelancing as their profession, digital marketing freelancing is at its boom these days, as almost everyone is digital centered more companies’ brands and even people are preferring to go digital.

Freelancing has been on the rise in India in recent years. Professionals from numerous industries are migrating towards freelancing and some are performing freelancing together with full-time employment. While freelancing has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, whether or not to pursue it depends on one’s interests, abilities, and preferences. In the field of digital marketing, freelancing is also a viable alternative. Many small and established organizations are looking for freelance digital marketing experts to assist them with their marketing efforts.

So, before directly jumping on the freelancing for Digital Marketing, one must know the following facts:

  • You should complete a certified Digital Marketing course from a certified place.
  • Necessary skills to be fulfilled according to the needs
  • Every aspect has to be covered beforehand
  • You should carry certain certificated to assure clients of the authenticity.
  • Practical knowledge of how when and where for Digital Marketing.

What is Freelancing Digital Marketing in simple words…

With freelance digital marketing, you’re essentially helping companies endorse their products and services online. Your job is to spread out to your customers target onlookers, get them to your customers’ website, and change them as gainful customers.

Quite a simple. Right?

It might look at that way, let’s wait and understand a little more about it first.

As a freelancer, there are several fields one should expertise in or at least know how and what they work:

  • Search Engine Optimization expert
  • Search Engine Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Marketing expert
  • Content Marketing expert
  • Email and SMS marketing expert
  • Affiliate Marketing expert
  • Blogger
  • YouTuber
  • Influencer
  • Video Marketing expert
  • Website developer
  • Graphics designer
  • Growth hacker
  • Web analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Online Reputation Manager

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Develop your Digital Marketing Abilities:

To begin a freelancing job, you must first and foremost have a strong skill set and understanding of your sector or industry. Because clients and corporations are continuously looking for freelancers with high abilities and expertise, it’s important to establish your skillset and recognize your areas of specialization in Digital Marketing.

There are various skills set one should have while going with it:

  • PPC Advertising: PPC Advertising is the procedure of generating and publishing adverts on numerous places on the internet through platforms named Google Ads, Bing Ads, Outbrain, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): The procedure of using several social media channels to spread and engross the target customers of a brand/business, upsurge brand awareness and encourage its products/services, and drive sales. It comprises both paid as well as unpaid approaches.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Search Engine Marketing is the repetition of using paid advertisements that give the impression on search engine results pages as well as through unpaid methods to market/promote a brand or a business or a website. SEO can be considered a constituent of SEM.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The technique of improving a website’s visibility and rating in search engine results from pages for specified keywords and search phrases is known as SEO.
  • Content Marketing: The technique and process of developing and releasing relevant content for a brand/product/service that engages and informs its target audience and leads to conversions, such as product/service purchase or subscription.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is the systematic, deliberate, and personalized process of gathering leads and sending promotional emails to those leads. Sending the correct message to the right person at the right time is the goal of email marketing.
  • Web Analytics: Web analytics is the process of measuring, tracking, and reporting the traffic and conversions of a website or e-commerce business using tracking and analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Join Well-Reputed Freelance Sites

You may not be able to find enough tasks to work on your own at the start of your freelancing career, but you can join well-known freelance sites that can help you get projects from a variety of clients and firms. These freelance websites provide a link between clients and freelancers.

Some of the notable freelancing sites are:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • The Dots
  • BlueTie Global
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Freelancer
  • FlexJobs

Choose a decent freelance site, sign up, and build your profile and portfolio, highlighting your talents, services, and knowledge, as well as including connections to your portfolio website. Learn how to sell yourself and your services to potential customers. The way you bid or pitch them will determine whether or not they choose you. Each of the above freelancing websites has its own set of benefits.

Each freelance site operates in its unique way, yet they all share some common elements. You can bid/pitch on projects that you want to work on that will be available on the site, or you can bid on projects that are recommended to you based on your talents. Clients may approach you personally if they like what they see in your portfolio and want to collaborate with you.

Identify Your Target/Potential Clients

Particularly in the early stages of your freelance work, you must determine who will be your ideal clientele. You must determine what types of businesses/companies you can serve well or what types of client business demands you can better satisfy based on your specialization and skill set. Based on your interests and skill set, choose your target clients and projects.

Know-How to Get the Clients

To manage a freelancing business, you’ll need to find clients to work with. To do so, you’ll need to market your brand and services through several media to reach and attract clients. You might meet a few potential clients at a local business/professional event, but the most dependable way to contact them is online. Promoting Your Personal Brand and Your Services Create a profile and advertise yourself, your brand, and your services on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Upwork, as well as freelancing sites such as Blue Tie Global, Freelancer, and others.

Reaching And Getting Clients Through Content Marketing. The most important thing is to generate and publish useful and entertaining material on your blog and social media networking platforms that are relevant to your target clients. Write about digital marketing, how it helps firms achieve their objectives and expand different types of digital marketing, and industry trends and practices. Make use of guest posting to expand your audience.

Bidding And Pitching Process and Strategies

In a freelance business, bidding on jobs and pitching your skills to clients is crucial. There is a distinction between the two, even though they appear to be interchangeable. Bidding is when you provide a service or solution to a client who presents a project or piece of work on a public domain, particularly a freelance site, for a price range and time frame.


To put a great bid, you must completely and thoroughly comprehend the project information, timelines, talents required, quantity of work, and other factors before submitting a bid. Your proposal should always be tailored to the client’s requirements. Rather than simply stating your qualifications or expertise, emphasize how you can assist them and meet their needs.

A bid should be brief and definite, demonstrating how successfully and efficiently you can perform the project within a reasonable price and time frame.


Approaching a potential client and proposing your services that you believe he or she may require or that you believe might help enhance and develop his or her business is known as pitching.

  • The first is to grasp the client’s business and obtaining a complete understanding of what stage their firm is in and what changes may be done to develop it is the first step in the pitching process.
  • The next step is to figure out how your services may assist the prospect in growing their business.
  • The final stage is to prepare your pitch and approach your potential client.

You must persuade your prospect that your services would benefit and expand his company and that you can help them achieve their objectives.

Benefits of Being a Freelancer 

  • More Freedom & Flexible Hours

One of the benefits of working as a freelancer is that you have a lot more freedom than you would if you worked for someone else. You’re running your own company, and you have whole control over which new customers you take on your hourly fee, and the hours you work.

It can be particularly appealing to be able to choose your hours. If you have children, you may prefer to work while they are at school or after they have gone to bed. It’s absolutely up to you if you want to take off Wednesday since the weather is lovely and work on Saturday instead. In general, you have complete control over your work for your clients as long as you meet the agreed-upon timeframes.

  • Self-Management

As a freelancer, you’re your boss. Your workload, timetable, dress code, and every other facet of how you run things are all up to you.

Freelancing, on the other hand, isn’t a holiday. It is your responsibility to ensure that your clients are satisfied, that you maintain track of your finances, that you find new clients, and that you negotiate rates. You may discover that staying on top of everything necessitates working double shifts some weeks and very little the next.

  • Location Flexibility

As a freelancer, you may be able to live anywhere and work while traveling because you are not tied to a single employer or boss. While certain freelancing tasks demand you to be close to your clients, you can locate clients anywhere you go.

  • Compensation and Earnings Control

There’s no need to ask your supervisor for a raise if you’re a freelancer. You decide how much you want to charge. You can also decide how much labor you want to do. However, rates and the amount of work are influenced by market factors to some extent. You can’t demand overpriced fees without restricting your pool of potential clients.

Many freelancers, on the other hand, find that as they accomplish more work and have a great reputation, they may increase their fees.

  • Improved Skillset

When you work as a freelancer, you accept tasks from a variety of clients. Each endeavor adds something fresh to the table while also allowing you to broaden your skillset. You’ll almost certainly pick up new skills along the way.

In a regular full-time job that does not essentially include constant learning and development, you may feel more inert.

As you take on a greater variety of project types as a freelancer, you will have many more predictions for improvement. You could also want to work on improving your skillset on your own. Instead of waiting for annual corporate training, as a freelancer, you may select how and when you do this. There are several online courses and possibilities available, and you have the flexibility to schedule them when you see fit.

  • Ability to Test a Start-Up or Small Business Concept

Workers that work freelance can expand their client base and grow their enterprises. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to try out different services and offerings to discover which ones earn you the most money and bring in the most clients.

You can turn to a freelance agency to extend your customer base once you’ve gotten your feet wet freelancing and studying the territory.

Conclusion – 

Freelancing has its pros and cons, but once you took the path and start walking in the right direction there is no coming back, you just need to make sure to follow all the necessary steps and walk through it to earn the achievement and hard work to earn the money.



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